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Di Huang – Co-Founder and CEO of cloudcade

Di Huang – Co-Founder and CEO of cloudcade

Di Huang is the Co-Founder and CEO of cloudcade, a mobile games developer aimed at bringing original, intuitive, and engaging games to the masses.
Published on October 28, 2014 .

Santiago Jaramillo – CEO of Bluebridge

Santiago Jaramillo is the CEO of Bluebridge, a software-as-a-service company that allows organizations to easily design and maintain a mobile app.
Published on October 22, 2014 .

Jason Jones – President of Vertical Motion

Jason Jones is the President of Vertical Motion, a design and development firm that has been creating customized web and mobile-based business solutions
Published on September 26, 2014 .

Andrew Cohen – Founder and CEO of Brainscape

Andrew Cohen is the Founder of Brainscape, a web and mobile education platform that uses “smart flashcards” to help people study in the most effective way.
Published on July 24, 2014 .