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Vineet Jain – Founder and CEO of Egnyte

Vineet Jain is the founder and CEO of Egnyte , a platform that powers enterprise file services and access for more than 40,000 customers globally.
Published on October 30, 2014 .

Santiago Jaramillo – CEO of Bluebridge

Santiago Jaramillo is the CEO of Bluebridge, a software-as-a-service company that allows organizations to easily design and maintain a mobile app.
Published on October 22, 2014 .
Adam Stone – Founder and CEO of Speedlancer

Adam Stone – Founder and CEO of Speedlancer

Adam Stone is the Founder and CEO of Speedlancer, an online task platform to get your design, writing and data entry tasks delivered within just 4 hours.
Published on October 17, 2014 .

Steven Don – Co-founder of TinyCert

Steven Don is the Co-founder of TinyCert, a service that hopes to bring some security to the countless unprotected admin-panels or test-websites on the web.
Published on September 30, 2014 .

Brock Stechman – Co-founder of DivvyHQ

Brock Stechman is the co-founder of DivvyHQ, a planning and production software application that’s pioneering the content marketing industry.
Published on September 29, 2014 .