Frankie Coletto – Founder of PassTheNotes

Stay focused on your “why”, under promise and over deliver, and always pay it forward. As crazy as it may sound to some, it’s efficient execution of those three simple things that make you successful. Frankie Coletto is the founder of … [Read more]

Ian Crosby – CEO and Co-Founder of Bench

I’m very interested in tangible problems and making them go away. I thought there needed to be a solution that meant humans didn’t need to do these manual tasks. Ian Crosby is the CEO and co-founder of Bench, the online bookkeeping service that … [Read more]

Zach Curtis – Founder of Cue

I make the phone call, send the email, open the document. There’s no secret sauce here. An idea is just a set of action items waiting to be executed. So make the list and start executing. Zach grew up in Northwest Arkansas and was by all accounts … [Read more]

Paul Hanson – CEO of bbotx

Listen to your critics. In fact, go out of your way to find people who aren’t like you, who don’t see things as you do, bring them into the fold, then argue with them. Starting as a salesman at Xerox, Paul moved up through different sales and … [Read more]

Russ Fradin – Co-founder of Dynamic Signal

I can think of 50 failures. The solution is always the same: persistence and a positive outlook. Russ Fradin, CEO and co-founder of Dynamic Signal, is a digital media veteran with more than 15 years of experience in online marketing. Prior to … [Read more]

Mike Matousek – Founder of

Every morning I sit for 15 minutes and make sure I am mentally ready for the day. I think so many people just wake up and go through the motions of the day. Mike Matousek is the founder of Boston-based, the student-to-student study … [Read more]

Becky Holmes – CEO of Toddlers and Tennis

Prepare! Enjoy what you do! Never stop trying to get better! Becky Holmes is the Founder and CEO of Toddlers & Tennis, a  tennis enrichment program designed for preschool age kids. She also has just recently had her children’s tennis book … [Read more]