Tony Summerville – Founder and CEO of Fleetio

[quote style="boxed"]Find a co-founder. It was just me when I started the business and it’s very tough to build a product-based business by yourself.[/quote] Tony Summerville is the founder and CEO of Fleetio, an easy to use web-based software … [Read more]

Harvey Shovers – President of MSI Data

[quote style="boxed"]I would have pushed harder to start my own company much earlier. Changing focus to building something vs. working for someone.[/quote] Harvey Shovers is the President of MSI Data, the leader in field workforce automation … [Read more]

Maria Teresa – Founder of Makeducation

[quote style="boxed"]Hard work. If I have a vision or a goal I will do everything I can to get there even if that means staying up late working, doing public speaking (something I am definitely scared about but I still do it if it helps me accomplish … [Read more]

Ryan Gerard – Co-Founder of Pickmoto

[quote style="boxed"]Connect with your users. Use whatever means you can: email all new users personally, send survey’s, go to events where your users (or potential users) might be, and setup phone interviews with your frequent users. There is almost … [Read more]

Gary Levitt – Founder of Mad Mimi

[quote style="boxed"]Get involved in the product, and take on one critical engineering, technology or design piece yourself.[/quote] Before founding Mad Mimi, Gary Levitt was a skateboard pro, a jazz bass player in New York City, and composer of … [Read more]

Vince Han – CEO and co-Founder of Coach Alba

[quote style="boxed"]By our very natures, entrepreneurs have to be optimistic and at times, suspend reality in our minds to move forward. However, this characteristic causes us to greatly underestimate how difficult our task can be. So, after … [Read more]

Scott Lindenbaum – President and COO of SPUN

[quote style="boxed"]Stay product focused and use insanely intense project management software to keep track of development velocity. Without product you have nothing. Product has to be your number 1 priority.[/quote] Scott Lindenbaum is the … [Read more]