Scott Lindenbaum – President and COO of SPUN

[quote style="boxed"]Stay product focused and use insanely intense project management software to keep track of development velocity. Without product you have nothing. Product has to be your number 1 priority.[/quote] Scott Lindenbaum is the … [Read more]

David Redish – Co-founder of Slice Media

[quote style="boxed"]Eliminate intolerance. People who aren’t taught that there are people who see the world and think differently than they do are the worst type of people.[/quote] David Redish is the co-founder of Slice Media, an award-winning BBB … [Read more]

Seth Meinzen – Co-founder of EvisThrive

[quote style="boxed"]Evaluate experiences! Every time in life or business that I experience a strong positive or negative emotion, I ask my self why. At great events where the experiences draw you in, I evaluate what makes them so great and how do … [Read more]

Myke Armstrong – Co-Founder of Tapshare

[quote style="boxed"]I recently got into meditation and would highly recommend it to other entrepreneurs. It helps clear your mind and let good ideas flow. It relieves stress and helps focus more than a cup of coffee.[/quote] Myke Armstrong is an … [Read more]

Megan Smyth – Co-Founder and CEO of GoRecess

[quote style="boxed"]Get feedback and don't take it personally. I think the most important thing you can do is to constantly talk to people about your product.[/quote] Megan Smyth is the Co-Founder and CEO of GoRecess, a one-stop destination to … [Read more]

Ziver Birg – Founder and CEO of ZIVELO

[quote style="boxed"]My goal is to squeeze a 25-hour day out of 12 hours of work, six days a week.[/quote] Ziver Birg, also known as ‘”Mr. Kiosk,” according to Inc. Magazine, is a self-taught serial entrepreneur who has dedicated 12+ years to … [Read more]

Paul Chittenden – Co-founder of JobKaster

[quote style="boxed"]We’re bootstrapping, so it’s a hectic schedule. I wake up, eat breakfast, and head out for work at my full time gig. When I’m at my full time job, it’s all business. I don’t mix startup life and work, but I do sometimes make … [Read more]

Angela Daffron – Founder of Jodi’s Voice

[quote style="boxed"]Make marketing part of your every day activities. You want it to be second nature to see the opportunities that are presented to you each day![/quote] Angela Daffron leads Social Velocity Group after years of experience in the … [Read more]

Brad Lindsay – Co-founder of Benefacting

[quote style="boxed"]Don’t try and do everything on your own. Get advice from people who are knowledgeable on areas you are not. Hire people to take care of things that are not your core competency.[/quote] Brad Lindsay moved to Durham in 2004 after … [Read more]