Arian Radmand – Co-Founder and Director of Engineering at CoachUp

[quote style=”boxed”] I don’t check email until lunch time. This keeps me productive and focused on what is important, as it allows me to not get bogged down by what other people want me to do until the second half of my day.[/quote] Arian Radmand is a Co-Founder and Director of Engineering at CoachUp, Inc. […]

Steven Don – Co-founder of TinyCert

[quote style=”boxed”]See lots of problems. I’ve been called pessimistic by many, but I resent that. Only by anticipating and identifying problems can I really think in solutions.[/quote] Steven co-founded two small IT companies in the Netherlands in the early 2000’s and is now working to build a third, which he hopes will bring about a […]

Matt Duesterberg – Co-founder and CEO of Ohmconnect

[quote style=”boxed”]Get out of the building. Talk to customers. In our first six months, we had two hundred users. We talked to every single one of them.[/quote] Matt Duesterberg is co-founder and CEO of Ohmconnect. Ohmconnect connects the smart home to the smart grid, making it dead simple for users to participate in demand response […]

Brock Stechman – Co-founder of DivvyHQ

[quote style=”boxed”]My favorite quote is by Corey Rudl: “Failure doesn’t just happen. It’s a decision.”[/quote] Brock Stechman is a brand builder, serial entrepreneur, and dad of two amazing little boys. His days are filled with a substantial amount of coffee and the thrill of working with amazing clients and an incredibly talented group of people. […]

Eric Schaumburg – Founder and CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]Meet people. Always follow up on an introduction and use the opportunity to explain yourself, polish your business idea, and see if you can be of any help to them.[/quote] Eric Schaumburg is the founder and CEO of, a B2B commerce and analytics platform for the trade show industry. creates a marketplace […]

Tom Smith – VP of CloudEntr

[quote style=”boxed”]Externally, I talk to people about how they think about a problem rather than trying to “sell” them a product. That allows me to stay focused on creating innovative solutions for real problems rather than following the “feature wars” of my competitors.[/quote] Tom Smith has over 30 years of experience with security, mobile, and […]

Brody Dorland – Co-creator of DivvyHQ

[quote style=”boxed”]When I review my to-do list each morning, I think to myself, “If I only get one thing on this list done today, which item will allow me to feel like I had a productive day?”[/quote] Normally “social butterfly” and “computer geek” wouldn’t be used in the same sentence, but that’s Brody Dorland. While […]

Craig Kelley – Founder and CEO of Mokumax

[quote style=”boxed”]Read, learn, try, fail, read more, learn more, try again, fail, repeat. We’ve all seen the line drawn for a successful venture. It looks like a 3 year old child scribbled on the tablet.[/quote] Craig Kelley is the founder and CEO of Mokumax, the free Twitter Grader tool that analyzes your Twitter account and […]

DJ Muller – President and Founder of WebLink International

[quote style=”boxed”]Focus on the desired outcome. I think people tend to forget about what they are trying to accomplish too often[/quote] DJ Muller is president and founder of WebLink International, the creators of WebLink Connect™ the innovative, insightful and intuitive association management software with superior customer support. WebLink empowers hundreds of trade and professional associations […]

Ajay Patel – Co-founder and CEO of HighQ

[quote style=”boxed”]Manage downward, never upward. Of course, the success of a company is dependent upon the performance of the entire team, but people by nature still want to be praised and recognized for individual achievements.[/quote] Ajay Patel is the co-founder and CEO of HighQ, an enterprise cloud collaboration company that has been recognized in the Deloitte […]

Christian Barbosa – Founder of Goboxi

[quote style=”boxed”]Take the concept of your company and break it down: are there any mundane or monotonous aspects of it? Find a way to automate it.[/quote] Christian Barbosa founded his first company when he was 14 years old and has been a serial entrepreneur ever since. A specialist in time management productivity, he is currently […]

Bruce Hellman – CEO and Co-Founder of uMotif

[quote style=”boxed”]You do it by doing it – so the key first step is to write the idea down or sketch it out. It instantly becomes more real.[/quote] Bruce co-founded uMotif in 2012. uMotif’s software platform tackles increasingly unaffordable health systems by engaging patients in self-management of their Long Term Conditions (including Diabetes, Parkinson’s, Renal, […]