Alexander Tange – Cofounder of

I would talk to customers sooner. I would show them a prototype sooner and also learn from their feedback sooner. It’s paramount to validate features (and product-market fit) before implementing valuable tech resources into the product. Alexander Tange is the co-founder and Head of Market at nextSociety, a professional networking startup that is based in […]

Mike Russell – Co-Founder and CEO of Paintzen

I recommend running a list of ideas at any given point of time – general entrepreneurial ideas that pop up in my head. I keep it current, check it often and take out the ideas that no longer interest me. Mike Russell is the co-founder & CEO of Paintzen, a revolutionary painting service that makes […]

Michael Scharf – CEO of MyClean

 Execute!  We have a saying in our office: “less meetings, more doing.” Michael Scharf,  MyClean‘s CEO, started the company in 2009 when he realized the need for a convenient online service to book home cleaning for him and his friends.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he worked in investment banking at Banc of America Securities.  […]

Lydia Fayal – Co-Founder of AdmitSee

The lesson is: keep agreements simple and don’t give equity away to people who aren’t full-time. Lydia Fayal is the Co-Founder of, a peer-to-peer college admissions resource. Lydia founded the site with Stephanie Shyu in 2012 with the goal of bringing much-needed transparency to higher education. AdmitSee is a social media platform where college […]

Robert Kohen – Founder of Kohen Educational Services

Fostering meaningful relationships with clients and colleagues has really helped. I’m always growing my network and seeking ways to better help those in it. Not only do people return the favor, but it also makes for much more enjoyable and rewarding work. Robert Kohen is the founder of Kohen Educational Services, an academic services firm […]

Basha Rubin – CEO and Founder of Priori Legal

Hire good people when you find them, not when you desperately need them. Basha Frost Rubin is the CEO and Founder of Priori Legal, an online marketplace connecting businesses with a network of vetted lawyers at transparent, below-market and fixed rates. She speaks and writes extensively on how technology and innovation is changing – and […]

Rick Farnell – Co-Founder of Think Big Analytics

I would take more pictures. Pictures tell a great story and we have a tradition in our offices where we hang up photos of good times that we’ve had inside and outside the office. As co-founder of Think Big, Rick brings 20 years of management experience in scaling technology consulting organizations in North America, EMEA […]

Devon White – Creator of Human Operating System

[quote style=”boxed”]Learn, unlearn, and relearn as quickly as possible. And be honest — with yourself and everyone else.[/quote] Devon White consults and speaks professionally with individuals and companies on the increasing and inevitable integration of self-programming technologies into everyday business and personal life. His Human Operating System platform makes these technologies available to both individuals […]

Dennis Mortensen – CEO and Founder of

[quote style=”boxed”]Exceptional customer service at all times. Never forget who you work for.[/quote] Dennis is the CEO and Founder of, whose artificial intelligence driven personal assistant lets people schedule meetings using plain English and nothing more than a CC to He’s a pioneer and expert in the analytics, optimization and big data space […]

Trent Oliver – Co-founder and CEO of Blue Telescope

[quote style=”boxed”]Pay attention to the numbers and have clarity about how your personal values are represented within the brand.[/quote] Trent Oliver is the co-founder and CEO of Blue Telescope, where for more than a decade she has developed and guided an in-house team that conceptualizes, designs, programs and deploys award-winning technology-based exhibits. She has executive-produced […]