Beth Wareham – CEO of ShadowTeams

[quote style=”boxed”]Wake early. Drink coffee. Open laptop. Close laptop for dinner. After dinner, I just surf sites looking for inspiration and ideas. Repeat. I run out for meetings that I always try to have in a park or coffee shop, if I can.[/quote] Beth Wareham spent 15 years in the commercial publishing houses of New […]

Richard Soloway – CEO of NAPCO Security Technologies

[quote]Just keep your head down and keep going.[/quote] With 30 years experience pioneering the international security industry, Richard L. Soloway is a global expert and counselor in security trends and issues including domestic and institutional security breaches leading to human injury and loss of life, kidnapping, loss of property, as well as robberies, terrorism and […]

Raj Patel – Founder of Explora

[quote style=”boxed”]Hard work. It’s a cliche but it seems to be the thing that gives you the best chance for success. [/quote] Raj Patel founded Explora, a smartphone rental service for travellers visiting the United States. He is a lifelong travel enthusiast, former lawyer, investment banker and die hard rugby fan. Recently launched, Explora delivers a […]

Bobby Emamian – Co-founder and CEO of Prolific Interactive

[quote style=”boxed”]The ability and discipline to listen to people helps bring ideas to life. Once you understand the problem, you can then try to solve it.[/quote] Bobby Emamian is the co-founder and CEO of Prolific Interactive, a strategy-led mobile agency headquartered in Brooklyn, New York. A former college athlete, Bobby’s competitive nature and mix of […]

Charles Cantu – Founder of Huddled Masses

[quote style=”boxed”]Always take time to reflect on the day or what’s to come. Some call it meditating or praying. However you label it, it’s during these quiet times that you can really meld vision and purpose.[/quote] Charles Cantu started with nothing more than an associate’s degree and a passion for technology. Over the past 15 […]

Andrew Fayad – CEO and Managing Partner of eLearning Mind

[quote style=”boxed”]Timing my decision-making processes helps me be more productive. Often, decisions that can’t be made immediately are hard to time.[/quote] Andrew Fayad is the CEO and Managing Partner of eLearning Mind. He oversees sales, marketing, and strategic growth opportunities. eLearning Mind is an e-learning design and development agency that helps companies transform their existing […]

Lily Tran – Founder of BoxUp

[quote style=”boxed”]I would have spent more time learning about marketing and allocating more resources to it. It is no use having great products and services if people can’t find you.[/quote] Lily Tran isn’t an ordinary entrepreneur. After returning from Africa where she worked on sustainability projects, the Columbia University graduate set out to change an […]

Majella Mark – Founder and CEO of Beau Exchange

[quote style=”boxed”]Ask people what they hate about your company.[/quote] Majella Mark, the Connecticut girl who moved to the big city to put her stamp on the world has numerous years of global experience working within the fashion, television and publications industry. With ballooning beauty frustrations while living abroad, she came up with a unique solution […]

Erik Grimmelmann – President and CEO of NYTECH

[quote style=”boxed”]Seek the perspectives of others. Surrounding yourself with a diverse set of smart people is really important. Some of these people will be within your organization, others will be outside of it.[/quote] Erik is the President of NYTECH, a membership-driven, 501(c)(6) non-profit organization focused on developing and promoting the technology industry in New York […]

Derek Flanzraich – Founder and CEO of Greatist

[quote style=”boxed”]“JFDI” is my philosophy. At Greatist, we’re firm believers in just getting things done. That means prioritizing the toughest tasks first and knocking them out when you’re fresh. When it’s something creative, I literally build “be creative” blocks into my schedule every week. It may be a little weird to schedule creativity, but I […]