Pat Brown – President and Co-Founder of Children’s Lighthouse

Pat Brown - President and Co-Founder of Children’s Lighthouse

You have to have the mental attitude of getting from A to B. Don’t let anything stop you, once you start a task and know it needs to be finished. Pat Brown is President of Fort Worth-based Children’s Lighthouse Learning Centers, the franchisor of the nation’s leading values-based early childhood educational schools. Pat’s primary responsibilities […]

Zach Curtis – Founder of Cue

Zach Curtis - Founder of Cue

I make the phone call, send the email, open the document. There’s no secret sauce here. An idea is just a set of action items waiting to be executed. So make the list and start executing. Zach grew up in Northwest Arkansas and was by all accounts destined for corporate greatness. Zach was granted a […]

Tom Smith – VP of CloudEntr

[quote style=”boxed”]Externally, I talk to people about how they think about a problem rather than trying to “sell” them a product. That allows me to stay focused on creating innovative solutions for real problems rather than following the “feature wars” of my competitors.[/quote] Tom Smith has over 30 years of experience with security, mobile, and […]

Jock Purtle – CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]Doing some work every day. Moving projects forward slowly. There is a great saying: “How do you eat an elephant?” and the answer is one bite at a time. I think success comes down to a couple of things. Firstly goals and then habits and persistence, combining all of those things and you are […]

Mina Chang – CEO and President of Linking the World

[quote style=”boxed”]Come from a place of abundance, and look for ways to give to others.[/quote] Mina Chang is CEO and president of Linking the World, an international humanitarian aid organization with a focus on children, global awareness, and breaking the cycle of poverty around the world. As the eldest child of two Salvation Army commanding […]

Cody McLain – President and CEO of PacificHost

[quote style=”boxed”]Businesses are built around copying each others ideas and improving on them. By understanding how your competitors sell products you can compile a list of what works and what doesn’t. [/quote] Since the age of 15, cody has set out on many entrepreneurial endeavors. After selling several companies he has gone on to start […]

Brandon and Brandi – Founders of Posh & Private Event Design

[quote style=”boxed”]Read, read, and read some more! [/quote] Founded by husband and wife team, Brandon and Brandi Carson, Posh & Private Event Design is a boutique special event firm providing event design, planning, and consulting services to clients nationwide. For their social clients, they focus on milestone celebrations, with an emphasis on Vow Renewals. And for […]

Carol Scott – Director of Marketing at Mattr

[quote style=”boxed”]Be optimistic. Startups are generally hard work, and you’re not guaranteed success. With a negative attitude, you’ll surely fail.[/quote] Carol Scott is Director of Marketing at Mattr. Mattr believes that personalities tell powerful stories. Mattr provides brands with a deeper and more colorful view into their social audiences. Through a unique mix of personality […]

Lindsey Madison – Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at HipLogiq

[quote style=”boxed”]Be open to change, knowledgeable about the direction the market is moving, and focused on the goal you are working to accomplish for your company and your clients.[/quote] Lindsey Madison is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer at HipLogiq, a marketing technology company that focuses on changing how businesses and brands interact with customers. […]

Chanze Witcher – Author and Expert Ghostwriter

[quote style=”boxed”]A typical day for me involves always writing and reading. Those are my two loves in life. The more I read, the more I write. The more I write, the more I read. [/quote] Chanze Witcher is both an author and an expert ghostwriter. She has been featured on CBN with Realizing You Dream with […]

Sundar Moorthi – President of AUGMENTe Tech Studio

[quote style=”boxed”]”If I were to start all over again, it would be to gain more experience. I am a firm believer in that people can never get enough experience. It keeps you from making the same mistakes twice.”[/quote] Sundar Moorthi is the President of AUGMENTe Tech Studio, an emerging leader in the augmented reality solutions […]