44 Free Business Ideas

We have compiled 44 free business ideas, from some awesome entrepreneurs interviewed here on IdeaMensch. The ideas range from super easy to implement (like today) to ideas that can revolutionize entire industries.

Sample Free Ideas

A furniture tourism company

People go to Bali to find furniture makers in little villages, buy the furniture directly from the maker for incredibly cheap and have it shipped back to their home. Right now everyone is doing it ad-hoc, but a company could manage the whole process, advertising to new homeowners that they can take a week’s vacation in Bali to furnish their new home and come out saving money. Once it runs well in Bali, it can be repeated in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, etc. An idea by Derek Sivers

A place for hands-on projects

Open a store where you could come in and complete projects with the equipment at that store and pay by the hour. You could come in and use the drill press, the table saw or maybe work on your car. Payment would be either by the hour for either the entire workshop or each individual tool. The one thing that would probably hurt this model is liability insurance. I wouldn’t really want to be the owner of a business where some guy could come in and slice his hand off on the table saw. An idea by Charles Marr

A website to rate and rank pre-schools

After spending countless hours researching preschools, I think a website needs to be created to rank and rate preschools. I also think there needs to be more bilingual or immersion language preschools. An idea by Kacy Andrews

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Betsy Huigens
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