Pierre-André Ben Lassin – Creator of Fabulous Noble

Pierre Andre Ben Lassin

I make a habit of acting on the assumption that everything is possible. There are people who have walked on the moon, so there’s always a solution to make an idea see life. Passionate about architecture, design and graphic arts from a young age, Pierre-André Ben Lassin originated the concept of Fabulous Noble. The young London-based […]

Samuel Stubblefield – Digital Technology Architect

[quote style=”boxed”]I take off several months per year to make art. That time off (I call these months “divergent”) makes the remainder of the year (I call these months “convergent”) outrageously productive, not to mention inspired and informed.[/quote] Samuel Stubblefield is an artist known for installations and inventions that connect people. His work has often […]

Dean Graziano – Founder of Visible Technologies

[quote style=”boxed”]Make culture a priority. I’m a firm believer that culture isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.[/quote] Dean Graziano has more than 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial ventures, including as the founder of Visible Technologies Inc., an industry-leading online reputation management and social media software company located in Bellevue, Washington. Dean started Visible Technologies […]

Sheldon Laube – Co-founder of Artkick

[quote style=”boxed”]Have a compelling vision of why your business is going to make a real difference in the world and get your team to share in that vision. [/quote] Sheldon has been the co-founder of four startups—the first a software consulting firm (CCT) in his college dorm room (with Glenn Ricart). Since then he was the […]

Jeffrey Apeakorang Manu – Founder of Light Creative

[quote style=”boxed”]I would read as many books on branding, behavioral economics and basic accounting as I could lay my hands on.[/quote] Jeffrey Apeakorang Manu is creative thinker with an entrepreneur mindset and is passionate about the power of creative writing, education in Africa and Branding. He is a keen follower of market trends and consumer […]

Justin Klosky – Founder of O.C.D. Experience

[quote style=”boxed”]ACTION! The best way to bring anything to life is by acting on it. Nothing will ever get done if action isn’t being taken[/quote] Part organizer, part artist, Justin Klosky strives to help people find organizational discipline in their lives. Through his company, the O.C.D. Experience, Justin brings full-service organization to high-profile clients and […]

John Heacock – Co-Founder of Reverie Studio

[quote style=”boxed”]Believe in yourself and what you are doing. Belief will get you through anything. Employees that also believe in what you are doing certainly helps too. [/quote] John and Felicia met 15 years ago in beautiful southern New Mexico where they were both raised. After college and a few corporate jobs, John spent most of […]

Katherine Fleischman – Founder of blink PR

[quote style=”boxed”]Be passionate in what you do. If there is no passion, you will not succeed in whatever you are doing.[/quote] Katherine Fleischman is a publicist and Founder of the company blink PR based in Miami, Florida. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a focus on Art History and Psychology. Spending her summers […]

Brad Hines – Founder of HungryKids.org

[quote style=”boxed”]I’d have worked with more discipline in the beginning, and with more focus which projects to take on, so as to have developed better momentum. And I’d have certainly worried less about things that weren’t going to matter ultimately![/quote] Boston native Brad Hines is the president of the domain name brokerage YumDomains and the founder […]

Silvia Quintanilla and Francesco Rugi – Artists at Carnovsky

Silvia Quintanilla and Francesco Rugi are an art/design duo that works under the name Carnovsky and have gained great recognition for their RGB project, presented for the first time in 2010. Silvia was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1979, where she studied as industrial designer. Francesco was born in Tuscany, Italy, lived in Verona, and […]

Artwell Nwaila – Founder of SA Creatives

[quote style=”boxed”]I always say that being brilliant at only one thing is a career death-sentence. It encourages comfort zones and being complacent. I suggest always learning a new skill.[/quote] Artwell is a creative professional with a solid passion for all things digital. He studied fine arts at the University of Johannesburg, and has been fortunate […]

Nick Stocking – Founder of Design Cloud

[quote style=”boxed”]For Christ’s sake, get off Twitter and open your eyes to the real world. Follow your eyes into a museum, your nose into a bakery, or your ears to a concert.[/quote] Nick Stocking is founder and principal of Design Cloud, a collaborative design studio and art gallery. Design Cloud is comprised of problem solvers, […]