Maryam Ershadi – President of Rozgé

[quote style=”boxed”]I would delegate more and manage instead of doing everything myself.[/quote]   Maryam Ershadi is an accidental business owner. After Maryam’s father had a heart attack, her plan to go to medical school was set aside. In between caring for her father and studying for medical school, Mary decided to start a small business […]

Majella Mark – Founder and CEO of Beau Exchange

[quote style=”boxed”]Ask people what they hate about your company.[/quote] Majella Mark, the Connecticut girl who moved to the big city to put her stamp on the world has numerous years of global experience working within the fashion, television and publications industry. With ballooning beauty frustrations while living abroad, she came up with a unique solution […]

Katie Saxton – President of Custom Nail Solutions

[quote style=”boxed”]Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.[/quote] Katie Saxton is the President of, a renowned blogger, and regular contributor to TV, radio, print and online media on topics of nail beauty, nail care and trends. Custom Nail Solutions’s revolutionary and one-of-a-kind artificial nail […]

Natalie Bauss – Founder of Keeki Pure and Simple

[quote style=”boxed”]Make decisions quickly and adjust as you go. Even mistakes should be made quickly.[/quote] Keeki Pure & Simple is the creation of Natalie Bauss, a mom of two, who lives on an organic farm in West Michigan. Bauss, a California native with 20 years of experience as an esthetician and a background in sales […]

Jennifer Gerard – Founder and CEO of Whitening Lightning

[quote style=”boxed”]Start doing what I am doing now, only I would have started much sooner.[/quote] Jennifer Gerard is the founder and CEO of Whitening Lightning, makers of the highest quality professional home teeth whitening products on the market today. With a lengthy career in automobile sales, Jennifer decided to expand her ambitions elsewhere, resulting in […]

Becky Sturm – Owner and Founder of 3waybeauty

[quote style=”boxed”]I closed it, cried, and then put my big girl pants on.[/quote] Becky Sturm is the owner and founder of 3waybeauty and StormSister Spatique and the co-founder of the HAMMS Event. StormSister Spatique is an online beauty boutique and 3waybeauty is a multi-functional, grooming brand. HAMMS Event – Help A Minnesota Maker Succeed, is […]

Rick Kornbluth and Geoff Nelson – Creators of Bangstyle

[quote style=”boxed”]My success has been based on one thing and one thing only: Find the best people and then let them do their job.[/quote] Richard Kornbluth is a Senior Executive with multi-industry experience and a proven track record growing consumer personal care businesses. Most recently he has managed the single largest first year launch of […]

Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti – Founders of How To Be A Redhead

[quote style=”boxed”]Stephanie and I rarely take days off, and one of those reasons is because we love our work. One of our favorite quotes is, ‘What you put out in the world, you get back.'[/quote] Adrienne and Stephanie Vendetti are sisters, best friends, natural-born redheads and Founders of How To Be A Redhead. How To […]

Max Valverde – Creator of Morninghead

[quote style=”boxed”]Make a list in the morning with at least two action items that must be done. Then prioritize that list, then rock it out.[/quote] Max Valverde graduated from Brown University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Valverde had been trying to solve the issue of bedhead for several years. He […]