IdeaMensch Boise – July 16 at the Yanke Building

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Ideas by themselves are of little value. Whether your idea is an app, a nonprofit, a book, a website or an invention – what matters is that and how you bring it to life. And really it doesn’t matter whether the idea you’re bringing to life is a business, a project or a cause – the one thing that connects all people with ideas are our passions, struggles and ways we go about bringing our ideas to life.

Our mission is to help people bring their ideas to life.

That’s what we try to do through our daily interviews with folks ranging from Seth Godin to Tony Hsieh to Craig Newmark, and that’s what we’re trying to do with our 48-state road trip across America.

And that’s what we’re going to do in Boise.

At every event, we we bring in a wide range of awesome speakers who then spend 10-15 minutes talking about an idea they brought (or are bringing to life), how they did and what you can learn from it. And then you’ll have 10 minutes to ask them questions and continue the conversation.

We promise you’re going to walk away with at least five super valuable nuggets of information to put to use for your own idea. This isn’t a networking event, but you’re sure to meet some fascinating people.

Starting with these four amazing speakers who each will share with you their journeys of bringing to life their ideas.


MindShare Networks’ CEO Ken Holsinger and  CMO Justin Foster provide a unique and transparent look behind the scenes of a tech start-up.  Using a discussion format, Ken and Justin will walk the audience through the key elements of the launch of their first product, SlideKlowd – covering culture/team, fundraising, product development, go-to-market efforts and more. They will also discuss the roller-coaster ride of emotions and what it takes to be a modern entrepreneur.

Jamie Cooper, the CEO, of Boise advertising agency Drake Cooper is going to talk about the need to constantly reinvent yourself and your business.

Ryan Woodings of MetaGeek will share what it took to grow a 22-person tech company with over 25,000 customers.

And last, but not least at all, Corey Smith of Tribute Media is going to give a talk about how to succeed in business, why failure plays such an integral role in such and why learning how to fail is the most important thing to understand before you can succeed.

The event will be held in a beautiful room in the Yanke Family Research Park at Boise State University. That means two things.

One, The Office of University and Industry Ventures is being super generous which means we don’t have to pay much for the space.

Two, we have lots of space.

That means we’re lowering our normal ticket prices by 25% with the hope that many of you can come to this.

The event starts at 6pm, and will last till about 9pm. 

Yanke Family Research Park  220 E. Parkcenter Boulevard  Boise, ID 83706, US

What People Say About Our Events

“If you’re hoping for a non-pretentious, inspiring environment to connect with great people and empower your ideas, do not miss IdeaMensch. These are the most genuine, good-natured people you’ll get to connect with, and they might even share a beer with you. Whereas TED seems to showcase extraordinary people, IM showcases and empowers ordinary people doing the extraordinary.”                                                                                                                                                                                 Thomas Bush

What a wonderful and insightful evening! I attend a lot of events for business owners, so I have a few to compare this event to, and this was by far some of the most informative and interesting speakers I’ve seen. Loved the laid back vibe as well. Thanks for taking the show on the road guys.                                                                                                                                       Maggie Palmer

I was at the Portland event tonight. SO SO SO inspiring. I own and run my own medical practice, in addition to being a single parent of three, so my time is precious. The three hours I spent this evening at Instrument were just what I needed: inspiring, thought-provoking, engaging…and all with a nice cold beer 🙂 Great way to top off a long Monday! Juniper Martin

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Why Are We Doing This?

Satisfaction Guaranteed

With all of our events, it’s satisfaction guaranteed. We don’t want any unhappy customers. So if you’re not happy with the any part of the event, we’ll refund your ticket. With a smile.