Alexander Tange – Cofounder of

I would talk to customers sooner. I would show them a prototype sooner and also learn from their feedback sooner. It’s paramount to validate features (and product-market fit) before implementing valuable tech resources into the product. Alexander Tange is the co-founder and Head of Market at nextSociety, a professional networking startup that is based in […]

Jake Villarreal – Co-Founder and President of Match Relevant

[quote style=”boxed”]When I have “big wins” in business or life, I schedule time on my calendar to focus on humility and how I can serve others.[/quote] Jake Villarreal is the co-founder and president of Match Relevant, an IT-staffing entity that utilizes social media and innovative recruiting practices to deliver award-winning talent for funded tech startups, […]

Melissa Cooper – Executive Vice President of Talent Inc.

[quote style=”boxed”]During the day, there are constant interruptions — emails, phone calls, meetings, and requests.[/quote] Melissa Cooper is the executive vice president of the writer network of Talent Inc. A triple-certified résumé writer and dual-certified HR professional holding both the SPHR and PHR designations, Melissa has eight years of executive recruiting experience and over six […]

Matt Wilson – Co-Founder of Under30Media

[quote style=”boxed”]”I want our generation to go down as the one that changed everything. We have a lot of work to do.” [/quote] Matt Wilson, Co-Founder of Under30Media, began building brands online including venture-backed startups like Zaarly after using social media to land Under30CEO on MSNBC and BusinessWeek. Wilson’s passion for entrepreneurship began after leading […]

Paul Chittenden – Co-founder of JobKaster

[quote style=”boxed”]We’re bootstrapping, so it’s a hectic schedule. I wake up, eat breakfast, and head out for work at my full time gig. When I’m at my full time job, it’s all business. I don’t mix startup life and work, but I do sometimes make phone calls at lunch or even meet potential clients and/or […]

Nicholas Seet – Founder and CEO of SIVI

[quote style=”boxed”]Be open with your ideas. Tell everyone you know, and then some, what you are doing. Telling your story makes it real, and you never know when you will meet that special someone who will change your direction for the better.[/quote] Nicholas has been a serial-entrepreneur since his first startup concept was funded and […]

Shay Fu – Co-Founder of

[quote style=”boxed”]As an entrepreneur, you must be willing to take calculated risks. You have to be open to not succeeding the first time or second because each time you fail, the next version just gets better.[/quote] Shay Fu is Co-Founder of and Vice President, Director of Talent Operations and Creative Services at RAPP New […]

Joseph Fung – CEO and Co-founder of TribeHR

[quote style=”boxed”]Talk to customers. You’ll be surprised how much more quickly you can uncover problems and solutions if you just talk to your customers.[/quote] Instead of thinking of human resources as a department for hiring and firing, Joseph Fung had a different vision. He believes in the power of social HR, which he sees as leveraging social media […]

Tim Conti – Co-Founder of ON Search Partners

[quote style=”boxed”]As a service business, our brilliant ideas tend to be about how we execute. Seems to me, whether it is culture or ethics or process, intangibles spread best by example.[/quote] In 2006, Tim Conti co-founded ON Search Partners, a quickly rising star in the retained executive search industry bringing a new client-centric business model […]

Christina Duren – Founder of The Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club

[quote style=”boxed”]We want to start promoting the idea of loving yourself, each other, and our culture starting at a young age.[/quote] Christina Duren is the Founder of Beautiful The Beautiful Brown Girls Brunch Club (BBGBC), South Florida’s monthly brunch soiree for African American women to connect and build long lasting friendships in a relaxed environment. […]