Richard Wang

Richard Wang

Always focus on customer success. Without it, you do not have a service or product. If you lose touch by focusing on other things (marketing, growth, etc.) your business will fail 100% of the time.   Richard Wang is a results-driven entrepreneur and CEO of leading national bootcamp Coding Dojo,…

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Stuart Titus

Richard Wang

A round peg will rarely fit into a square hole. If a situation does not “feel good”, get out and do something else as quick as possible.   Dr. Stuart Titus, Ph.D., is the CEO of Medical Marijuana, Inc., the first publicly traded cannabis company in the United States. The…

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Nick Santillo

Richard Wang

Focus more on your impact and less on quantifying your physical and mental output.   Nick Santillo is the president of Fractl, a growth marketing agency based in South Florida. After his previous digital marketing agency, Voltier, was acquired in 2012, he started Fractl and grew it to a staff…

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Nick Sinatra

Richard Wang

Have a purpose. Whether it’s a purpose for the day, the week, the quarter or your overall company mission—be purpose driven.   Nick Sinatra is a distinguished real estate professional who possesses a unique vision for his hometown, Buffalo, New York. From a young age, Nick could envision Buffalo being…

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Ghada Burton

Richard Wang

This is simple: never give up. The risk is worth it because an entrepreneur believes what he/she is about to create will take on a meaning bigger than itself.   Ghada Burton is a seasoned tax professional with exceptional experience in taxation and finance. She has demonstrated leadership as a…

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Alireza Minagar

Richard Wang

Always be proactive in learning the most up-to-date information.   Dr. Alireza Minagar is a neurologist currently on staff at Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center. Dr. Minagar is a specialist in neurology, with a focus on Multiple Sclerosis. He was born and raised in Iran, graduating from Tehran University…

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J.D. Perry

Richard Wang

Reading accelerates learning, co-opts the learning of others and even keeps your brain healthier.   J.D. Perry of Baton Rouge, LA is a results-driven leader with over 20 years of experience in financial analysis, corporate cash management, asset management, environmental mitigation banking, and real estate. Mr. Perry focuses on minimizing…

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Mike Hainsworth

Richard Wang

Knock on at least 20 doors every month to win business and promote your efforts. It keeps you humble. Humility is key in this business.   Mike Hainsworth of Fort Myers is a financial consultant focused on preserving wealth for his clients through the application of proven strategies to avoid…

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Abraham Diles

Richard Wang

In life the faster you are able to figure out what is it that you are good at the quicker you can specialize in it and maximize your strengths.   Abraham Diles was born into the restaurant business. So, it’s no surprise that he has been passionate about hospitality industry…

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Natasha Mudhar

Richard Wang

If you practice appreciation everyday it will make you a happier and more grounded person, and in turn, it will make a you better leader which will benefit productivity. This habit will allow you to see the bigger picture and teach you not to sweat the small stuff.   Natasha…

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