Nalini Tomar

Keep moving forward no matter what.” Nalini Tomar is the Founder and Managing Director of XenelSoft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. She started her career as the website developer and understands what it takes to have an online business presence in the world of digitalization. She came up with the idea of…

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Terry Darger

Remember what is truly important and keep balance in your life.” Mr. Darger began his career working in the construction industry for eight years. In 1980 he obtained a license and started a specialty sub-contractor business in the construction industry. After seven years of successful operation in five western states…

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Colin Fell

Start it, finish it, move on to the next.” Coming from a small town in Lancashire in the North of England back in the mists of time that are the mid 1950’s Colin could never have envisaged a career that would take him around the world several times over. His…

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Nikola Duric

I recommend to give your very best every day. As a result, everyone surrounding you will start noticing your effort and this will lead to even more opportunities personally and professionally.”   Nikola Duric, founder of Duric Law Offices in Park Ridge, Illinois has extensive experience in all aspects of…

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Channa Kozlowsky

Listen attentively as well as keep to your word. In my experience, this makes all the difference.”   Channa Kozlowsky has more than 10 years of experience in California’s luxury real estate sector. She has differentiated herself in the industry by her extensive personal and professional network and by employing…

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Alex Kubicek

Alex Kubicek

Keep all the contacts in your network apprised of what you are doing and where you are going. There is a serendipitous reciprocity in a strong network that can increase your effectiveness.”   Alex Kubicek started Understory after he received a Master’s in Atmospheric Science. His lifelong interest in weather…

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Stefanie Rosenfield

When you own a business, there is a lot of conflict so waiting a half day or getting another opinion before pressing “send” on an email or saying something you’ll later regret is something I recommend.” Where did the idea for Cleveland Marketing King come from? When it comes to…

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Thomas Jepsen

Thomas Jepsen

Start meditating. It’s great for your mental health, and it’s made it a lot easier for me to fall asleep too.”   Thomas Jepsen is the CEO of Contractor Quotes with a Master’s degree in Accounting, Strategy & Control, although he urges young people to skip business school, especially if…

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Kurt Kunselman

Kurt Kunselman

Active listening from networking ultimately turns into partnerships. Partnerships creates success and growth.”   Kurt has a B.S. in Public Accounting and M.B.A. in International Business. Past lives in Accounting, Startups, Consulting, and Music. Kurt is a Co-Founder of cloud accounting web app – AccountingSuite. Priorities include strategic planning, product…

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