Dr. Donald Liss

“Almost everyone wants to put in a true day’s work; they just need to feel valued.”   Dr. Donald Liss is an experienced medical professional specializing in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Based in New York City, New York, Dr. Liss serves as an attending physician for the Rehabilitation Medicine Department…

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Chiraz Bensemmane

I’m a firm believer that education is the fuel of a good and sound economy and the key to bringing change developing countries and societies.”   Chiraz Bensemmane has been working, selling and travelling for over 6 years in more than 12 countries for over $2 million worth of products…

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Feras Antoon

Dr. Donald Liss

To bring ideas to life, planning and execution must be done right. Feras Antoon is a professional entrepreneur, who mentors small businesses about the significance of technology in targeting goals. With the objective of helping startups and entrepreneurs establish their names in the competitive online world, he founded FerasAntoonReports.com, a…

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Nitesh Gurnani

Never shy away from trying and don’t under value your skills.”   Chehraspeaks.com is what it is today because, its founder and our classmate, Nitesh Gurnani believed that it will bring about a change in his life. When he did his first face reading in 2011, he thought it was…

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Jeffry Schneider

Dr. Donald Liss

Where did the idea for Ascendant Capital, your alternative asset management company come from? Ascendant Capital was born out of a desire to bring advisors something they couldn’t get elsewhere, and to build a worldwide network of advisors whose businesses we can enrich by connecting them with best-in-class sponsors and…

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Charles Lubbat

Dr. Donald Liss

I take great pride in my work ethic, but it is important to recognize how a lack of work-life balance will ultimately have an adverse effect on productivity.   Charles Lubbat is a swimming pool consultant from Atlanta, Georgia. He is an experienced professional who has spent many months and…

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Krishen Sauble Iyer

Dr. Donald Liss

As an online partner with Quick Link Marketing, now known as Managed Benefits, Krishen Sauble Iyer has relied on his extensive expertise in online marketing, technical development, and client relations while carrying out his day-to-day responsibilities with the company. Iyer, a longtime resident of California currently residing in the Fresno…

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Dr. Rod Rohrich

Dr. Donald Liss

Dr. Rod J. Rohrich, recently named America’s Best Plastic Surgeon of 2021 by Newsweek, is an internationally renowned surgeon, leader, innovator and educator in plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich currently serves as a Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery, Baylor College of Medicine and Past Chair/Distinguished Teaching Professor of Plastic Surgery at…

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