Chris Halliwell – Technology Marketing Zelig

Chris Halliwell is an experienced business-to-business marketing professional focused on helping technology-enabled companies become market-driven.  Her teaching, consulting, and process facilitation clients include Analog Devices, Baker Hughes, Corning, Intuitive Surgical, Johnson Electric, Northrop Grumman, Siemens, St. Jude Medical, and Veeco Instruments. Chris’ career began selling mainframe computers for IBM, and …

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Justin Bigart – Lifestyle entrepreneur, reluctant business person

A serial entrepreneur, Justin currently splits his time growing Wisetail, driving the technology and marketing behind Sage Spa Living which he co-founded with his wife, serving on the Board of American Wildlands, meditating while ultra-distance trail running and spending as much time as possible biking, skiing, climbing and traveling. In …

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Clark Benson – Founder of Ranker and serial entrepreneur

Clark Benson is the founder of Ranker, a consumer web startup that is a platform for ranking . . . anything.  Ranker is Benson’s 5th startup; all prior startups were successes – real businesses, real profitability.  He sold prior internet startup eCrush to Hearst in 2006.  Benson is also the founder of Almighty Music Marketing, which has provided various marketing services to the music industry since 1995.  Benson has always rolled some of his earnings into his other businesses, and self-financed the initial seed $1million for Ranker. Clark started his career in business affairs at Virgin Records America and co-wrote the book College: Your Guide To The Best Five Years of Your Life.

If you’d like to learn more about eCrush’s sale to Hearst media, here is an interesting case study titled Why timing the M&A market is tricky.

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