Keisha DePaz – CEO and Founder of Punch Street

[quote style=”boxed”]Keep an organizer and organize your day. I like to plan my day and time allocation – it helps me stay on track. You get into this behavioral pattern where if you’re not deleting items from the list you actually feel bad.[/quote] Keisha DePaz is CEO and Founder of Punch Street, a greeting card […]

Mark Carson – President and Co-founder of Fat Brain Toys

[quote style=”boxed”]Striking a balance between the quest for growth and the need for control. This is a perpetual battle, but one that I think most entrepreneurs must face. It’s exciting to grow quickly, but with growth comes sacrifice.[/quote] Mark Carson is the President and Co-founder of Fat Brain Toys, a Nebraska-based toy retailer and manufacturer. […]

Mary Couzin – Founder and President of Chicago Toy & Game Fair

After self-producing and licensing board games, Mary turned her passion for the joy of invention into, the world’s largest co-op of board game inventors. Widely recognized among her peers as a toy industry visionary, Mary introduced the inaugural Chicago Toy & Game Fair (ChiTAG) at Chicago’s famous Navy Pier in 2003, launching America’s largest […]

Mel Brake – Executive Director of MPW Foundation

[quote style=”boxed”]To believe in yourself, your project, your organization, and your worth, your dreams and your hope because no one else will. I don’t know how many times I heard from both family, friends, government officials and banks that I am wasting my time. That there are too many non-profits helping children and that I […]

Sheila Duncan – Founder and Co-Creator of Trouble The Dog

[quote style=”boxed”]One business idea is to create your own advisory board. Take time to gather a group of people you trust and admire so you might ask their opinion(s) on your venture and its direction.[/quote] Sheila Duncan has been a restaurant owner, a travel industry executive and a life coach. Having made the decision to […]

Maria Dellapina – Creator of Specs4us

[quote style=”boxed”]Never be afraid to ask for something. If you get a “no,” just keep swimming, just keep swimming…and you’ll get results.[/quote] Maria Dellapina’s daughter Erin was about two when she needed glasses. With over 25 years in the optical field, Maria felt finding a suitable frame for her daughter would be an easy task. […]