Co-pilot Internship

Do you want to go on a road trip across America?

I am looking for two co-pilots to join me on this road trip of a lifetime. Without excluding anyone, this is an amazing opportunity for a recent college graduate.

We will be spending anywhere between 3-4 months on the road, literally making our way across every state in the lower 48. Along the way, you will meet some amazing people and learn more about business, entrepreneurship and what it takes to bring an idea to life than most people will in their entire careers.

In terms of compensation, I will raise the money to cover our food and acommodations. Please note, that we are bootstrapping this trip so we might be crashing on a couch here and there and our food options will be more KOA than Four Seasons. I will also provide a monthly stipend of $1,000 so you can cover your expenses while we’re on the road.

What will you be doing?

None of these are set in stone. Every day will be truly different. And that isn’t some bullshit HR line. Here are some activities that I imagine we’ll have to get done from time to time.

– Update our blog while we’re on the road.
– Write blog posts, take pictures or record little video snippets.
– Pitch a newspaper reporter in whatever city we’re going next.
– Constantly email our organizers and speakers in whatever city we’re going next.
– Drive whatever car or van or RV I can organize for us.
– Call a nonprofit and tell that 50 of us will be coming over tomorrow and want to be put to work.
– Spend a day fly fishing, surfing or wild water rafting.
– Talk to someone who wants to come to our event but can’t figure out how to print out his/her ticket.
– Come up with “notboring” content to update our Twitter or FB account.
– Review a speaker’s presentation and figure out a way to communicate to them that their talk is not about them but rather their idea and how they brought it to life.
– Talk to our hosting company and tell them nicely and with utmost urgency that we need to figure out a way to get our site back up after our servers crashed thanks to that PR hit you were able to make happen.

I think you get the idea. This is an amazing opportunity, like a truly amazing opportunity. Here are a few skills and traits that you’ll need.

– You must be excited about this. I want to see your passion.
– You and I must get along, since we’ll be spending entirely too much time together.
– Don’t be a grumpster.
– Being a good writer is almost a requirement.
– Knowing how to use a video camera would be nice. Knowing how to edit a video and upload it to the Internet would be awesome. If you have ambitions to be a film director, talk to me.
– You must be able to pick up the phone and call someone and tell them something.
– Being able to use WordPress would be awesome.

If this sounds exciting, either fill out the form below or send me a passionate email about why you’re the perfect person for this.

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