Mark Daoust – Founder of Quiet Light Brokerage

By hiring highly skilled entrepreneurs, I became surrounded by like-minded people. They understand the idea of being results-driven and the consequences and rewards of their actions. Mark Daoust is the founder of Quiet Light Brokerage Inc., an advisory firm that helps entrepreneurs buy and sell websites and online businesses. Quiet Light Brokerage was recently named […]

Jim Hjort – Founder of Right Life Project


The brute force of consistent effort, coupled with strategies to maximize and maintain motivation and the sense of making progress. Jim Hjort, LCSW, is a licensed psychotherapist and the founder of the Right Life Project, where he helps people overcome roadblocks to self-actualization as a psychotherapist, Right Life Coach, and mindfulness meditation instructor. The Right […]

M.S. Rao – Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants

Be passionate about what you do. Don’t bother for setbacks. Think out-of-the box. Remember, entrepreneurship is for brave hearted people, not for faint hearted. Professor M.S.Rao is an international leadership guru and an internationally acclaimed executive coach, educator, author, speaker, and consultant. He earned a PhD in Soft Skills in 2011. He has 34 years […]