James Wong – Chief Energizing Officer of Verge Collective


I spend the mornings on creative, afternoons on management and evenings on business development. James Wong has developed Branding and Marketing Strategies for corporate clients like the Past VP of Product Marketing at Facebook, the CEO of Panda Express, the Past CEO of Giorgio Beverly Hills and Fredrick’s of Hollywood, Keller Williams International, and about […]

Q Manning – CEO of Rocksauce Studios

Q Manning - CEO of Rocksauce Studios

Everything you do leads to where you are. Make any change, and everything can collapse. It’s the butterfly effect. Sure, I wish I’d had more business savvy back in the day or that I’d had more sales capability during the company’s first few years, but the truth is, I’m where I’m at because of the […]

Jim Krause – Creator of Jim Krause Designs

Jim Krause - Creator of Jim Krause Designs

Do really good work; never miss deadlines; and be nice to people. It works. Jim Krause has lived in northwest Washington state and worked as a designer, photographer, illustrator, and writer since the 1980s. About 15 years ago Jim started authoring books aimed toward designers, photographers and other creative professionals. Since then, he’s written sixteen […]