Trewin Restorick – Founder of Hubbub

Trewin Restorick - Founder of Hubbub

That sense of curiosity helps create opportunities as sometimes you can see links or answers that aren’t obvious to others who have become embedded in their role or organisation. Trewin Restorick is the Founder of a new start-up charity called Hubbub which aims to revolutionise the way environmental messages are communicated to the general public […]

Katrin Puetz – Founder of (B)energy

Katrin Puetz - Head and Heart of (B)energy

Running! I believe common practise can never lead to maximum productivity, because there is no common business. Being productive as an entrepreneur means having unusual ideas, the confidence to realize them and the strength to deal with the consequences. A clear mind and a fit and healthy body help to do this and running is […]

Paul Fishman – Co-Founder of Ground 2 Table

Paul Fishman - Co-Founder and CMO of Ground 2 Table

Any idea needs actionables, and that’s where we begin. Once the idea is born we break it down into different tasks and deadlines. This helps us stay focused and continues to push us towards completion. Ground 2 Table is a family-owned organic food company, passionate about serving up flavorful, organic and sustainable food and ingredients […]

Ty Benefiel – Co-Founder MeterGenius

Ty Benefiel - Co-Founder MeterGenius

People seem to be more receptive to invitations seeking advice than they are to invitations seeking sales. This strategy has been very effective for us, and we continue to use it today, even after we’ve built our product. Ty Benefiel graduated summa cum laude from Wabash College in 2008. After graduating, he worked at Angie’s […]