Anthony Franciosi – Founder of Ant’s Organic

Anthony Franciosi - Founder of Ant's Organic

Everything we do here is based on trial-and-error and experimentation. One of us will start off with an idea and way to improve, then we do real-time testing. Colorado “Pot-repreneur” Anthony Franciosi is the founder of today’s top all-natural ganga gem: Ant’s Organic. Created as a way to holistically relieve pain from sports injuries, Ant’s […]

Asier Galdos – CEO and Co-founder of Greenius

[quote style=”boxed”]I walk the talk. Ideas have almost no value (everyone has good ideas!) so I try to build simple (but not simpler) solutions interactively, releasing early and often, and attacking only one problem at a time. This approach has some costs (perfection is not gained immediately) but it’s the only way I know to […]

Eric Graham and Kevin Loos – Founders of CrowdComfort

[quote style=”boxed”]We end every meeting with a hard ask. This can be anything from asking them to introduce us to another investor, setting up a second meeting, or a commitment to try our product. [/quote] Eric Graham is a clean energy entrepreneur who is committed to spreading energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. Eric has […]

Alexei Levene – Co-founder of Innovation eXperience

Alexei Levene hails from London, UK and is a graduate in Philosophy and Law. With an early career in business development and sales roles in the supply chain technology, Alexei later set up an innovation strategy business based in Paris working with clients such as Shell and Philips. Later Alexei co-founded an award winning crowdfunding platform […]

Lily Tran – Founder of BoxUp

[quote style=”boxed”]I would have spent more time learning about marketing and allocating more resources to it. It is no use having great products and services if people can’t find you.[/quote] Lily Tran isn’t an ordinary entrepreneur. After returning from Africa where she worked on sustainability projects, the Columbia University graduate set out to change an […]

Joe Carter – CEO of Snyder Environmental

[quote style=”boxed”]Identifying the right thing that everyone else says can’t be done. Then apply enough energy and resources to make it so.[/quote] Joe Carter is CEO of Snyder Environmental, Inc., an environmental remediation company based in North Little Rock, Ark. Snyder Environmental provides the safe and compliant remediation of environmental issues, including asbestos abatement and […]

Ad Sachan – Co-Founder at Treeline Woodworks

[quote style=”boxed”]Try more things faster.[/quote] Ad is an engineer by education, designer by disposition and an adventurer at heart. He finds life exciting when he is getting to build things better. He went to college for aerospace engineering, left for the gulf coast for relief work the year Katrina and Rita made landfall. After a […]

Ted Drauschak – Co-founder of G2Spectra

[quote style=”boxed”]You have to see it to understand it and you have to meet the people involved.[/quote] Ted Drauschak is a graduate civil engineer and a thirty year professional specializing in project development, program management and project execution. He began his career in the late seventies in power industry as a construction engineer with Bechtel […]

Denyse Ray – President and CEO of Ease Collection

[quote style=”boxed”]Give, Give, Give, Give of your triple T’s your time, your talent, and your treasure.[/quote] After more than two decades as a clinical first responder, dedicating her career to helping victims of natural disasters, school shootings, and terroristic attacks remove their emotional mask, Denyse Ray, PhD, BCETS, FAAETS, has retooled her skills to now […]

Ben Vanden Wymelenberg – Owner and CEO of Woodchuck

[quote style=”boxed”]There is going to be an aspect of your business you despise doing. Get it done, and once you’ve pushed hard enough to reach the next level, you can hire someone else to do it for you.[/quote] As founders’ stories go, Ben Vanden Wymelenberg’s tale can be placed into the—came up with a business […]

Jessie Johnson – Founder of The Sustainable Seafood Blog Project

[quote style=”boxed”]Everyone is an expert on something – find the people who know what you need to know and ask for their help! Your organization will be stronger for it.[/quote] Jessie Johnson is the Founder of The Sustainable Seafood Blog Project (SSBP), which brings food bloggers together in a conversation about sustainable fishing practices. She […]

Veronica Grey – Female Surf Icon

[quote style=”boxed”]I like to model myself after Forrest Gump. I don’t think too much and just allow things to happen, with grace and ease.[/quote] Public figure and female surf icon The Surf Lady Veronica Grey tirelessly devotes her life to cleaning the ocean and saving lives by preventing shark attacks as seen on “Good Morning […]