Jonathon Ohayon – COO of

[quote style=”boxed”]Report, Review, React. Report, Review, React – It is crucial for businesses to look at the data. Too often do people act off what they think and not what actually is. By reporting, reviewing, and reacting, often and every step of the way, you ensure that you make informed decisions based off data. [/quote] […]

Sam Prochazka – Co-founder of Novosbed

[quote style=”boxed”]Ask lots of questions, including dumb ones.[/quote] Sam Prochazka co-founded – the zero-risk memory foam mattress company – in 2009 to give consumers an alternative to the ubiquitously pushy, deceptive, and expensive mattress buying experience. As CEO, Sam Prochazka participates closely in product research and development, and has focused the company on expanding […]

Heidi Zak – Creator of ThirdLove

[quote style=”boxed”]I work out 3-4 mornings per week. By starting the day with a workout I clear my head, and sometimes even creatively solve problems, all while gearing up for the busy day ahead.[/quote] While Heidi Zak was bra shopping a few years ago it dawned on her, that with today’s technology there had to […]

Jin Koh – Founder of Original Stitch

[quote style=”boxed”]Say no to many good ideas. Stick to your best idea.[/quote] Jin is the founder of Original Stitch, the leading online destination for buying customizable dress shirts. Jin also serves as the Executive Vice President of Mobile Solutions at Splashtop Inc, a mobile solutions for the enterprise market. He started Splashtop KK to expand […]

Sydney Loew – Founder and Chief Cuteness Officer of Poketti

[quote style=”boxed”]I try not to think of things that don’t go our way as “failures” because we’re just getting started and everything has been a learning experience.[/quote] Sydney Loew is the 14-year old “Cuteness Control Officer” of Poketti LLC. After being inspired by her 7th grade entrepreneurial class, she convinced her parents to turn her […]

Naithan Jones – Founder and CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]I would not think about scale at all early on, I would focus on acquiring knowledge first and foremost, even if the best way to acquire knowledge isn’t the scaleable business model it will likely produce it. [/quote] Nait Jones is the CEO and  founder of (recently named “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies […]