Theresa Schachner and Vidhi Mehta – Founders of Post/Biotics

Theresa Schachner and Vidhi Mehta - Founders of Post/Biotics

Having fixed meet ups with our mentors and board of advisors at least once a week forces us to focus on the really important milestones and funnels our thinking on being more efficient and productive. Vidhi Mehtais a product and interaction designer based in London. She has recently graduated from Innovation Design Engineering from Imperial […]

Pete Wheelan – CEO at InsideTrack


Ideas are a dime a dozen. The greatest products and companies rarely got that way based on the uniqueness of ideas. Pete Wheelan has dedicated his career to leading mission-driven, high-growth companies focused on helping individuals live up to their full potential. Before joining InsideTrack, he served as COO and Chief Revenue Officer at Blurb, […]

Brooke Moreland – Co-Founder & COO of Jewelbots

Brooke Moreland - Co-Founder & COO of Jewelbots

For me, to actually get something done, it helps to just commit right away. To decide to do something, and know that all of the details can get figured out later, because they always do. Brooke Moreland is a co-founder and the COO of Jewelbots. A powerhouse fashion-tech entrepreneur, Brooke Moreland joined forces with Sara […]

Sarah Peck – Director of Communications at One Month

Slowing down and bringing presence and awareness into our everyday lives. With our constant habits of checking our devices and staring at screens, it’s even more of a necessity. Sarah Peck is the director of communications at One Month and a longtime writer, speaker, and athlete. One Month is an online school for accelerated education […]