Joanna Kinsman – Creator and Designer of Miss Kinsman

[quote style=”boxed”]If I could change anything in the world, I’d bring a balance to the equality of men and women all over the globe.[/quote] A former east coast college athlete and business major, Joanna Kinsman resides in Marina del Rey, California, designing and managing the operations of her luxury swim line, Miss Kinsman. The lingerie-inspired […]

Brett Northart – Co-founder & President of LE TOTE

[quote style=”boxed”]If you can quickly move past failure and learn from your mistakes, your company will become significantly more useful for customers and resilient going forward.[/quote] Brett Northart, Co-founder and President of LE TOTE, has established himself within the start-up ecosystem as both an investor and advisor. Northart’s career has been highlighted by his extensive […]

Jake Kuczeruk – Chief Marketing Officer of Tie Society

[quote style=”boxed”]Ditch your hoodies and start investing in some decent cardigans. You’ll get a lot more compliments, but be sure to leave your bottom button unbuttoned- it’s a common mistake. Also simply adding a tie bar is a classy way to improve the look of your business wear.[/quote] Jake Kuczeruk is the Chief Marketing Officer of […]

Olga Vidisheva – Founder and CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]Work hard! No matter who you are or what you do, always be the hardest worker and put your soul into it.[/quote] Olga Vidisheva is the founder and CEO of, the online destination that provides savvy fashionistas with access to fashion forward designs and one-of-a-kind pieces from over 160 of the nation’s chicest […]

Jessica Ekstrom – Creator of Headbands of Hope

[quote style=”boxed”]Always remain true to yourself. If someone has doubts or doesn’t like it, then they’re not worth your time![/quote] Entrepreneur, fashion designer, philanthropist and college senior Jessica Ekstrom, 21, has created a line of vibrantly colored headbands to help young girls with cancer. After an inspirational internship with the Make-A-Wish Foundation where she met […]

Amanda Curtis – Founder and CEO of 19th Amendment

[quote style=”boxed”]I’m very visual. I carry my sketchbook everywhere that I go. I sketch and write out my ideas, which makes it easier to communicate them with my team.[/quote] Fashion tech is Amanda’s world. She is a bit of an anomaly with a degree in Advertising from Boston University and a degree in Fashion Design […]

David Palmer – Co-founder of UnderFit

[quote style=”boxed”]You work for them and take risks for them. A lot of people have ideas that they love to think and talk about, but they never do anything about them.[/quote] David Palmer is the co-founder of UnderFit, an online undershirt company. You can visit them at He also founded the Joan Rose Foundation, […]

Greg Cummins – Creator and Designer of Logan Zane

[quote style=”boxed”]Sometimes losses are the outcome of taking chances, but that’s just part of it. You must learn from your past mistakes and not be afraid to continue to take risks.[/quote] Designer Greg Cummins created his bespoke accessory line in 2010, Logan Zane out of sheer necessity. When searching for a bag that was high-quality, […]