Saleem Khatri – Co-Founder and CEO of Instavest

Saleem Khatri - Co-Founder and CEO of Instavest

Joe Kraus once said: Merely measuring something has an uncanny tendency to improve it. Saleem S. Khatri is a Co-Founder and CEO of Instavest, Inc, a collaborative investing network. He was previously a member of the Office of Financial Stability at the United States Department of the Treasury. His primary leadership and investment responsibilities for […]

Don Siclari – President of InChek

Why waste time making avoidable mistakes when you can have the guidance of those who have already made them? The world was built through mentorship. When Don (DJ) Siclari was a child, there were four things he wanted to be when he grew up: a priest, a warrior, a doctor, and a businessman. When DJ […]

Dusty Wunderlich – Founder and CEO of Bristlecone Holdings

Don Siclari - President of InChek

Running a successful business and being an entrepreneur works exactly the same way. I can’t emphasize enough the importance of establishing a steady and regular rhythm when configuring your schedule. Dusty Wunderlich is the founder and CEO of Bristlecone Holdings, a high-growth network of consumer and business-to-business finance platforms and financial technologies. Its mission is […]

Konstantin Makarov – Founding Partner of StratLink Africa


People. Ideas are only as good as the team that turns them into reality. Konstantin Makarov is the founding partner and managing director of StratLink Africa. With more than 12 years of experience in finance and emerging markets, Konstantin brings a holistic approach to addressing challenges in both emerging and developed economies. Konstantin launched StratLink […]