Monica Yearwood – Ayurvedic practitioner, author, healer and yogi

[quote style=”boxed”]More and more so, keeping lists of what needs to be accomplished and learning how to delegate the things I am not best at to other people.[/quote] Monica Yearwood empowers her clients with information fueled by an experiential practice. She emphasizes awareness. Her focus is digestive health, detoxification, and life transition. She believes each […]

Shawn McIntyre – Founder and CEO of Shawn McIntyre Fitness

[quote style=”boxed”]It’s not all about how you look, but rather about the health of your mind, body, and spirit.[/quote] Shawn McIntyre is the founder and CEO of Shawn McIntyre Fitness. He’s a professional fitness model and trainer who also offers training online. When Shawn started his career as a fitness model, he focused solely on […]