Anthony Franciosi – Founder of Ant’s Organic

Anthony Franciosi - Founder of Ant's Organic

Everything we do here is based on trial-and-error and experimentation. One of us will start off with an idea and way to improve, then we do real-time testing. Colorado “Pot-repreneur” Anthony Franciosi is the founder of today’s top all-natural ganga gem: Ant’s Organic. Created as a way to holistically relieve pain from sports injuries, Ant’s […]

Justin Lee – Co-founder and CEO of Vessyl

[quote style=”boxed”]This is not a strategy, but is helpful. I genuinely really care about everyone at the company. Their happiness is something I prioritize.[/quote] Justin is responsible for the overall product strategy and direction of the Vessyl. As CEO, he led the creation and is the principal co-inventor of Mark One’s sensing technology. Prior to co-founding this […]

Naithan Jones – Founder and CEO of

[quote style=”boxed”]I would not think about scale at all early on, I would focus on acquiring knowledge first and foremost, even if the best way to acquire knowledge isn’t the scaleable business model it will likely produce it. [/quote] Nait Jones is the CEO and  founder of (recently named “Top 10 Most Innovative Companies […]

Xander Oxman – Co-Founder and CEO of Club W

[quote style=”boxed”]Read. Stay curious. Keep learning. Identify smart people and ask them questions.[/quote] Xander Oxman is Co-Founder and CEO of Club W, an e-commerce company providing a better way to discover, buy and share wine. Club W stemmed from the company’s founders experiencing first hand a shortcoming in the way wine is sold at retail. […]

James Cummiskey – Managing Director of Cima Coffee Farms

[quote style=”boxed”]If I were to start again, I would hire a bit slower and more deliberately. Companies don’t make profits. People do. Take care of your people first and only hire people that truly inspire you. Regardless, leaders eat last.[/quote] James Cummiskey has over thirty years of achievement and executive responsibility in the defense, aerospace […]

Monica DiNatale – Author of 365 Guide New York City

[quote style=”boxed”]I don’t quit. I had many stumbling blocks while writing but I never lost focus. If I say that I’m going to do something, I do it. No grey area.[/quote] Monica DiNatale is an accomplished New York City Food Host and Deals Expert and has just released her first book in August. 365 Guide […]