Peter Crosby – Chief Dreamer at DreamFund

Peter Crosby - CMO and Chief Dreamer at DreamFund

It’s the software, stupid. Build a great product and the rest will follow. So we keep our eyes firmly fixed on that. Peter Crosby is Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Dreamer at, the circle giving platform for important dreams. With a passion for pursuing his dreams and helping others achieve theirs, Peter has established […]

Diana Russell – Co-founder of Rebel Nell

[quote style=”boxed”]Every entrepreneur must face moments of failure. The trick is not to give up, but try again.[/quote] Rebel Nell creates defiant jewelry with a purpose. They make jewelry from fallen graffiti, while fulfilling their mission to employ, educate and empower disadvantaged women. Their goal is to transition the women they hire from a life […]

Steve Edwards – Founder of Global Passion Ministries

[quote style=”boxed”]I don’t settle anymore. Hold out for the best![/quote] Steve Edwards is the founder and president of Global Passion Ministries, a Christian nonprofit that coordinates the logistics of short-term mission trips and trains the teams it sends for better outcomes. Its teams travel worldwide to help with medical clinics, church plants, food distribution, construction, […]

Mina Chang – CEO and President of Linking the World

[quote style=”boxed”]Come from a place of abundance, and look for ways to give to others.[/quote] Mina Chang is CEO and president of Linking the World, an international humanitarian aid organization with a focus on children, global awareness, and breaking the cycle of poverty around the world. As the eldest child of two Salvation Army commanding […]

Elaine Truong – CEO of ReVolt

[quote style=”boxed”]There’s no argument that founding a venture is unbelievably difficult and an experience where you’ll endure a rollercoaster of emotions, but at the end of the day, the most important thing to realize is that one should never give up.[/quote] Elaine Truong is a social entrepreneur and engineering student at UCLA passionate about using […]

Hellen Barbara – Founder and President of Pubslush

[quote style=”boxed”]My workspace is an open room. My team members are together, actively communicating out loud. Brainstorming and open conversations are encouraged. In my opinion, this approach fosters the most productive environment. The art of multitasking: Get good at it or die.[/quote] Hellen Barbara is the founder and president of Pubslush, a global crowdfunding and […]

Bridget Hilton – Founder of LSTN

[quote style=”boxed”]Execute! If you have an idea, write it down. Even if it seems crazy and/or hard, break it down into small steps that are manageable and research on how to complete each step. Google is your friend.[/quote] Bridget Hilton grew up in Flint, MI and has been a music fiend since she can remember. […]

Eddie Lou – CEO and Co-founder of Shiftgig

[quote style=”boxed”]Be passionate about the idea then surround yourself with people that have the same passion for the idea.[/quote] Eddie is the CEO and co founder of Shiftgig. Prior to that, he was a general partner with OCA Ventures, where he led 10 technology investments. Previously, he was the founder of PlanetHVAC, a business-to-business software […]

Anupam Pathak – CEO of Lift Labs

[quote style=”boxed”]Rapid prototyping. We test very early on and iterate. It’s a grueling process, but is worth it in the end.[/quote] Anupam Pathak is an inventor and entrepreneur at heart. He founded Lift Labs with the intent to apply his technical background to improve the quality of life for people suffering from Essential Tremor or […]