T.J. Cook – CEO at CauseLabs

T.J. Cook - CEO at CauseLabs

I help grow leaders around me. If I can build leaders, I know I’m becoming a better leader. T.J. Cook is CEO at CauseLabs. He facilitates team building and culture building as CauseLabs builds tools that impact people. He has helped design over 100 tangible solutions, while assembling an expert team of strategists, designers, and […]

Samuel Garlöv and Anders Pålsson – Creators of Screen Donor

Samuel Garlöv and Anders Pålsson - Creators of JMW

Nothing is impossible to build or produce. Nike got it right when they said ”Just do it”. Samuel Garlöv is Creative Director and Partner at the PR and communications firm JMW in Stockholm. He has a bachelors degree in policital science and communications from Lund University and University of Californa Santa Barbara. During the five […]

Peter Crosby – Chief Dreamer at DreamFund

Peter Crosby - CMO and Chief Dreamer at DreamFund

It’s the software, stupid. Build a great product and the rest will follow. So we keep our eyes firmly fixed on that. Peter Crosby is Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Dreamer at DreamFund.com, the circle giving platform for important dreams. With a passion for pursuing his dreams and helping others achieve theirs, Peter has established […]