Guest Blogging Program

Here are the rules.

1. It has to be upward of 500 words.

2. It has to be an original piece of writing and cannot be duplicate content.

3. It should be related to the topic of bringing ideas to life.

4. It could be about your experience starting a business or launching a product, it could be a tutorial, or it could be a review of a really great tool, product or book that you think we should know about.

5. It’s ok to include a link in your bio at the bottom but this shouldn’t be an experiment in link building.

6. If you want to include an image, that would be great. But you have to own the rights to the image or show to us that it’s ok to use the image.

7. Also, please do include a brief bio at the bottom of the guest editorial so you can promote yourself, your business, your product or cause.

All editorials will be reviewed by our editors, and we cannot guarantee that your work will be published.

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