The World's Bestselling Hamster Saddle T-Shirt Ever

We don’t judge ideas here at IdeaMensch. Rather we celebrate the people who bring them to life. But every once in a while a really stupid idea crosses our minds, which is how this t-shirt came about. A saddle for hamsters. Brilliant. Only if you aren’t.

Wear this shirt, and two things will happen. One. People will look at you funny, just like when you started wearing your five fingers out to dinner.  Two. Your mother will start snooping around with your childhood friends to figure out who you’ve really been hanging out with.

All good stuff.

The t-shirt is built with only the finest materials American Apparel has to offer and was made by the friendly former gang members at Homeboy Industries who you’re supporting with every shirt you buy.

The fine piece of garment costs $20, plus $5 for shipping – whether you order one shirt or two hundred. This, by the way,  is a wonderful present to buy for an entire high school class, or as a matching anniversary gift for both your wife and girlfriend, or sometimes it just feels good to wear two Hamster Saddles t-shirts at once . So many reasons to buy more than one.

Just in case this whole Hamster business is a little weird for you, please check out our collection of unicorn shirts.


All of our t-shirts were designed by the awesome Christiane Holzheid, a super talented designer in Berlin.

Sightings and Testimonials

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If you are famous, or want to be famous – please email us a picture of you in your Hamster Saddle t-shirt (mario at ideamensch dot com) and we’ll get it posted on here. We’d be super thankful. And if we ever get around to making our IdeaMensch stickers, we’ll totally send you a free one.