Danny Wajcman – Co-Founder of Lucky Orange

[quote style=”boxed”]Take breaks and separate yourself from the business when appropriate — especially “after hours.”[/quote] Danny Wajcman is the co-founder and Vice President of Sales and Operations at Lucky Orange, the premier service for website optimization and improvement. Based out of Overland Park, Kan., Lucky Orange is a complete suite of tools for website optimization […]

Herby Fabius – Co-founder of Triplefy.com

[quote style=”boxed”]I recommend everyone to focus on just one task until completed. Jumping back and forth will probably get you nowhere.[/quote] Herby Fabius is the co-founder of Triplefy.com, an online platform that allows small businesses to sell and manage Deals and Gift cards. He also runs an entrepreneurship blog BillionSucess.com where he interviews startup founders […]

Emily Belden – Founder and CEO of Happy Happy Gay Gay

[quote style=”boxed”]I stay excited about tomorrow. I literally go to bed excited to wake up the next day knowing that it hold limitless opportunities. You never know what email will come through your inbox that makes that day special for the rest of your life. It’s that outlook that keeps you motivated to push harder […]

How To Buy Websites and Turn Them Into Profitable Businesses

At this IdeaMensch talk in Missoula, Internet Entrepreneur Chris Yates shares his strategies on how he buys websites and turns them into profitable, cash-generating web businesses. You’ll learn about how he got started in this industry and how he goes about evaluating websites to buy. If you’re someone who is not necessarily interested in building […]