Shannon Hughes – Co-Founder of Spur Studio

[quote style=”boxed”]”Disconnecting from the world for a few moments is usually the best way to reconnect with yourself and your creative superpowers.”[/quote] Shannon answered Montanaʼs siren song of steep peaks and endless adventure after graduating from the University of Vermont in 2002 with the ultimate in useful, in-demand degrees: a Bachelor of Arts in English […]

Insanely Simple Secrets for Winning Startup Ideas

[quote style=”boxed”]”…if you want to build a business, going on vacation might be the best money you’ll ever spend.”[/quote] Where do good ideas come from? Entrepreneurs find inspiration everywhere around them. From the people they meet at conferences, and unconferences, in universities and classrooms, across the Internet on websites like TED, even here on IdeaMensch. […]

The Lean Startup: 25 IdeaMenschers utilizing lean startup philosophy

[quote style=”boxed”]“Don’t be in a rush to get big. Be in a rush to have a great product.” – Eric Ries[/quote] By now, the story of Eric Ries’ journey to the creation of the book, The Lean Startup is well-known: Entrepreneur starts anonymous blog to document his lean startup philosophy. Blog becomes so popular, entrepreneur […]

Amy Clover – Creator of 30×30 Project

[quote style=”boxed”]I don’t wait for permission to bring my ideas to life. I ask myself what actions need to be taken, and then I do them.[/quote] Amy Clover hasn’t always been a bubbly fitness trainer interested in changing lives. In high school, Amy was diagnosed with clinical depression and obsessive compulsive disorder. Too afraid of […]

Matt Dimmer – Founder and CEO of The Extra Mile

[quote style=”boxed”]Persistence. What we are trying to do has its own unique set of challenges, so it’s all about not letting up until we make progress. I’ve always been passionate about ideas and getting them made regardless of the hurdles. This one is no different. If anything, the more challenges I face, the harder I […]

Scott Falbo – President of Front9 Technologies

[quote style=”boxed”]It probably sounds cliche but I don’t think I would do anything differently. I’m happy with the choices that I’ve made and the mistakes that I’ve learned from to get where I am right now.[/quote] Scott Falbo is the President of Front9 Technologies which is an app development company that focuses on creating legal […]

Rhys, Scarlett and Sarah – Founders of Social Rehab

[quote style=”boxed”]Stay humble, you’ll make more connections, get more references and be looked upon more kindly by your peers.[/quote] Hailing from London, Australia and Singapore, these twenty-somethings first met as participants of the BBH Barn (Asia-Pacific) 2012. From there, Rhys, Scarlett and Sarah set out to “do something good, famously” – and that’s how Social […]

How To Look Great Online

If you are reading this,  you more likely than not have a web presence of sort. And considering that consumers use the Internet a whole lot these days to make decisions – your web presence is super important. The problem is two-fold. 1. You really need to constantly update your presence to keep it relevant. […]

Javier Colayco – Founder of Clean Cubes

[quote style=”boxed”]Keep a written list of your ideas. Jot down your ideas, no matter how crazy or unconventional they seem. Revisiting them later can yield even more insights and creative ways to tackle problems.[/quote] Colayco, 34, is a New York City-based Harvard graduate and web entrepreneur. He invented Clean Cubes two years ago, and the […]

Bogie Baranowski – Founder of BestDailyDates

[quote style=”boxed”]Write them down first, and then I put them on a big white board in my bedroom. I have four big boards.[/quote] Bogie Baranowski is the founder of BestDailyDates, a revolutionary dating platform which allows people to easily post and accept dates. It has been around since summer of 2011, and currently has a […]