Dimitri Cherny – Founder and CEO of Highest Wind

[quote style=”boxed”]I would have immediately sold my house and paid off all my debts in order to reduce my personal burn rate to the absolute minimum.[/quote] By the time his mid-life crisis of conscience hit, Dimitri Cherny had brought to market 16 high-tech products for half a dozen companies over the course of 25 years. […]

Rakia Reynolds – Owner of SkaiBlue Media

[quote style=”boxed”]The one failure I encountered was that I failed to set expectations early on in the workplace. I feel as though I did not stress to my team the importance of my vision. In doing so, it lead to a dysfunctional workplace.[/quote] Since graduating from Temple University’s Fox School of Business with a degree […]

Nick Miller – Co-Founder and CEO of Parking Panda

[quote]Honestly bringing your idea to life is just hard work and commitment. To turn an idea into an actual business isn’t easy. It’s a struggle and a grind, but definitely worth it for the return.[/quote] Nick Miller is the Co-founder and CEO of Parking Panda. He drives the company’s strategy, vision and growth. He is […]

Julie Busha – Co-Creator of Slawsa

[quote style=”boxed”]Find a quote and live by it every day of your life.[/quote] Julie Busha is both the Founder and CEO of benchmarketing, LLC and President of Nicole Foods, a food manufacturing company she co-owns which consumes the bulk of her time and efforts. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Busha spent her entire professional career […]

Jordan Harbinger – Co-Founder of The Art of Charm

[quote style=”boxed”]Activity breeds activity. Without action, all we have are words that vanish into the ether, or that are brought to life by someone else with more hustle.[/quote] Jordan Harbinger has always had an affinity for social influence, interpersonal dynamics and social engineering, helping private companies test the security of their communications systems and working […]

Brandon Chicotsky – Founder of BaldLogo.com

[quote style=”boxed”]Inundate your mind with information. Read everything.[/quote] In an article for TexasEnterprise.org, Brandon Chicotsky wrote about his American generation raised with the Internet as “digital natives.” At age 27, Chicotsky has immersed himself in the online space and managed cash-positive startups. One such startup included a training center that contracted gaming professionals and statisticians […]

Brian Cardarella – Founder and President of DockYard

[quote style=”boxed”]Answer email as soon as you can. There is nothing ruder than letting an email linger and not getting back to people.[/quote] Brian Cardarella is the founder and President of DockYard, a leading Ruby on Rails software consultancy based in Boston. Brian has been developing software since he was in high school. He started […]

Simran Sethi – Founder of Metamorphose

[quote style=”boxed”]I bring ideas to life by identifying what I can bring to a tension or challenge, finding the community of people who can support, teach and challenge me about said issue and putting in the sweat and tears to make my vision happen.[/quote] Simran Sethi is a journalist, strategist and educator committed to an […]

Raphael Caldas – Creator of Aherk!

[quote style=”boxed”]I would focus on following my passion. It’s a stupid mistake to think that you need to give up what you love in order to make ends meet.[/quote] Raphael Caldas is a Brazilian entrepreneur, a lawyer by profession (and by accident), and an amateur musician. He loves being a father and wants to make […]

Jason Jannati – Co-Founder of greeNEWit

[quote]I would say stay curious and push yourself to do something new and different. Take risks. Not only about your business, but about other things you’re passionate about and people in general.[/quote] Insightful, driven, and passionate, Jason Jannati is a devoted brand strategist and leader in energy efficiency. As a founding member of the Howard […]

Christian Knapp – Co-founder of URBANAUTS

Kohlmayer Lutter Knapp Office for Systemic Design is a design agency based in Vienna, Austria. Following a post-structuralistic point of view, their credo is the creation of systems, not buildings. Each of their approaches into the fields of urbanism, architecture, and design consider a wide range of aesthetic, social, economic, and ecological aspects focusing on […]

Bob Klunk – Director of Distribution Management

[quote style=”boxed”]If I go out with the intention of helping others with their businesses or careers, then plenty of good things happen for me and I don’t need to worry about it. It’s the source of all my leads and recruiting.[/quote] Bob Klunk is the director of fulfillment services at Distribution Management, Inc. Bob has […]