#IM48 – A Road Trip For People With Ideas

Ideas by themselves are rather worthless. They only matter when they’re brought to life. Who brings ideas to life? People bring ideas to life. And when they do, amazing things happen.

This summer four of us are embarking on a 4-month, 48-state road trip across America to help inspire thousands of people to start bringing their ideas to life. How? By organizing events in every state where people who’ve brought ideas to life share with us how they did it.

Our goal is to ignite entrepreneurial communities all across America.

And once we do, we’ll put into place a framework and the people so these communities will continue to exist and flourish. Because the more people with ideas get into the same room, the more we can support each other, the more we can learn from each other – the more ideas will be brought to life.

We will need your help.

Here is how.

Event organizers, volunteers, speakers and hosts

We are planning to organize events in 48 states. 50 in total. In each place, we are going to need people who help us organize the event, people who will help us find a venue, people who are willing to host us in their homes and people who will make awesome speakers. In each market, we’d love to have a go-to person or organization who will help put on the event. And we are also going to need lots of volunteers to help us with the events.


We are have three types of sponsorships that will help us establish and shine the light on entrepreneurial communities all across America.

The “Pay It Forward” Sponsorship – $100

The pay it forward kind, perfect for individuals.  We always try to charge an affordable amount for our tickets – usually around $20. But for some people that’s still too much. So for $100, five tickets will be given away for free in the name of your company. And since we want to pay it forward too, we’ll match that number and add another five. So for $100, you get to enable 10 folks for who $20 is a lot of money to go for free.

Sponsor A Day – $500

This is a perfect sponsorship opportunity for a company that might be headquartered in a city not on our list of stops. Or a company that wants to reach entrepreneurs all across America, but might not have the budget for our national sponsorship. If you sponsor a day on the tour, we’ll make you look awesome and famous in front of our global audience by doing a sponsored post or video on whatever you’re selling. In addition, we’ll also promote you to our email subscribers and social followers.

Sponsor An Event – $1,500

The local kind will be specific to an event in your city and community. You can sponsor one event, and get all the benefits specific to that event. Heck, if you want – you can buy more of these and cover a bunch of markets. This costs $1,500 per event, and we’ll be selling them on a first come-first-serve basis. If you want to sponsor an event in a major market, you better hurry up. The first company in every market also gets to be the exclusive sponsor of our city lists posts – http://ideamens.ch/IvjxRx.

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Taking your idea and making it happen is scary. Doubt and uncertainty keep many from doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

IdeaMensch’s mission is to help people bring their ideas to life. To be your “bring ideas to life” partner in crime. To help inspire you. To provide you with useful content. And to introduce you to thousands of other entrepreneurs who’re facing the same struggles you are.

And now, we’re going to walk the talk and join you.

Thank you for the inspiration.

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Complete List of Events



1. Los Angeles, CA (July 2)
2. San Francisco, CA (July 5)
3. Portland, OR (July 9)
4. Seattle, WA (July 11)
5. Missoula, MT (July 13)
6. Boise, ID (July 16)
7. Salt Lake City, UT (July 18)
8. Cheyenne, WY (July 20)
9. Boulder, CO (July 23)
10. Wichita, KS (July 25)
11. Tulsa, OK (July 27)
12. Little Rock, AR (July 30)


13. Kansas City, MO (August 2)
14. Omaha, NE (August 3)
15. Des Moines, IA (August 7)
16. Sioux Falls, SD (August 8)
17. Fargo, ND (August 10)
18. Minneapolis, MN (August 13)
19. Milwaukee, WI (August 15)
20. Chicago, IL (August 16)
21. Detroit, MI (August 20)
22. Cleveland, OH (August 22)
23. Indianapolis, IN (August 24)
24. Louisville, KY (August 27)
25. Nashville, TN (August 29)
26. Charleston, WV (August 31)
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27. Burlington, VT (September 4)
28. Portland, ME (September 5)
29. Manchester, NH (September 7)
30. Providence, RI (September 10)
31. Boston, MA (September 12)
32. Hartford, CT (September 14)
33. Newark, NJ (September 17)
34. New York City, NY (September 19)
35. Philadelphia, PA (September 21)
36. Wilmington, DE (September 24)
37. Baltimore, MD (September 25)
38. Washington, DC (September 27)


39. Richmond, VA (October 1)
40. Raleigh, NC (October 3)
41. Charleston, SC (October 4)
42. Miami, FL (October 8)
43. Atlanta, GA (October 10)
44. Birmingham, AL (October 11)
45. Jackson, MS (October 12)
46. New Orleans, LA (October 15)
47. Austin, TX (October 17)
48. Albuquerque, NM (October 19)
49. Phoenix, AZ (October 22)
50. Las Vegas, NV (October 24)