Stacey Goldstein – Co-founder of Lola Getts Active

Stacey Goldstein - Co-founder of Lola Getts Active

Continue to help others and keep giving, sharing contacts and information with people you meet along the way. Don’t be afraid to do this the rewards are tremendous. Stacey Goldstein grew up in the garment business and always had a passion for wanting to follow in her grandparents footsteps. Stacey’s grandparents Jean and Henry Feinberg […]

Brian David Crane – Founder of CallerSmart

Brian David Crane - Founder of CallerSmart

I constantly write down my ideas. Getting ideas out of my head and onto paper helps me mark them off of my mental to-do list and take action on them later. There’s supposedly an ancient Chinese proverb about this that I like: “The weakest ink is better than the strongest memory.” Raised in East Tennessee, […]

Saleem Khatri – Co-Founder and CEO of Instavest

Saleem Khatri - Co-Founder and CEO of Instavest

Joe Kraus once said: Merely measuring something has an uncanny tendency to improve it. Saleem S. Khatri is a Co-Founder and CEO of Instavest, Inc, a collaborative investing network. He was previously a member of the Office of Financial Stability at the United States Department of the Treasury. His primary leadership and investment responsibilities for […]

Laura Foley – Founder of Laura M. Foley Design


I would take business courses before starting freelancing so that I would be able to negotiate more effectively and create solid proposals and contracts. As the Cheater of Death by PowerPoint, Laura Foley provides training and presentation design services to help people communicate their ideas and be better presenters. She has worked with Procter & […]

Ryan Paugh – Founder of CommunityCo

As an entrepreneur, failure is an inevitability. It’s also a beautiful opportunity. My biggest defeat as an entrepreneur is the irreplaceable years that I spent letting failures have their way with me instead of using them as a springboard to move onto future successes. Ryan Paugh has been at the forefront of building highly curated, […]