Paresh Shah – Founder and CEO of Glimpulse

[quote style=”boxed”]Playing and jumping often give me the inspiration to solve some of our biggest business challenges — something they didn’t teach me at Harvard Business School.[/quote] Paresh Shah is an experienced entrepreneur, executive, and innovation consultant. He is the founder and CEO of Glimpulse, creating innovative products, services, and platforms for self-expression and discovery. […]

Zeke Camusio – Co-founder of Windcatcher

[quote style=”boxed”]”Don’t lose focus and go after the next shinny bubble you find along the way.”[/quote] Zeke Camusio, our head of business development, is a serial entrepreneur who started seven companies and sold three of them. Zeke is also a published author, an avid traveler (96 countries so far and counting), and semi-professional rugby player. […]

Aly Khalifa – Founder of Gamil Design

[quote style=”boxed”]To do something big you have to start at the ground level yourself so you can appreciate what really needs to be done as things scale up.[/quote] Aly Khalifa is addicted to inventive culture. His firm, Gamil Design, has specialized in invention development and launched products for some of the most exciting sports brands […]

Kent Houston – Founder and CEO of Patch Planters

[quote style=”boxed”]”I deeply believe the best way to bring ideas to life is by sharing them. I’m a firm believer in simple, and effective communication through good design.”[/quote] Patch was started in the heart of Vancouver, British Columbia in 2011 by Founder and CEO Kent Houston. Kent is adamant that anyone can grow food, anywhere! […]

Mehmet Fidanboylu – Co-founder and Director of Product at Marblar

[quote style=”boxed”]I’d learn more about coding so I could do more of it myself, but also show more restraint in anticipating problems and throwing everything but the kitchen sink to solve them before being sure that they actually exist.[/quote] Mehmet Fidanboylu  is a neuropharmacologist, musician, graphic designer, and the EQ of Marblar’s founding team. Marblar is […]

Mary Couzin – Founder and President of Chicago Toy & Game Fair

After self-producing and licensing board games, Mary turned her passion for the joy of invention into, the world’s largest co-op of board game inventors. Widely recognized among her peers as a toy industry visionary, Mary introduced the inaugural Chicago Toy & Game Fair (ChiTAG) at Chicago’s famous Navy Pier in 2003, launching America’s largest […]

Harald Kanz – KANZ Outdoors

[quote style=”boxed”]Do your homework, do as much market research you can effort – keep the customer in mind all the time.[/quote] Award-winning designer, Harald Kanz, founded KANZ Outdoors LLC in 2009; his mission is to share his lifelong passion for outdoor product design. As a young boy his imagination was captivated by stories of adventure […]

Javier Colayco – Founder of Clean Cubes

[quote style=”boxed”]Keep a written list of your ideas. Jot down your ideas, no matter how crazy or unconventional they seem. Revisiting them later can yield even more insights and creative ways to tackle problems.[/quote] Colayco, 34, is a New York City-based Harvard graduate and web entrepreneur. He invented Clean Cubes two years ago, and the […]