Happy summer.

I cannot believe that it’s already August. Where has summer gone? Carlyn and I have been enjoying our summer. The picture above was taken at the Travelers’ Rest festival here in Missoula. As you can probably tell, I am there to support. Carlyn is the only person I know who can dance kneeling.

Otherwise, it has been a busy one for us here at IdeaMensch. We’re getting a seasonally high number of interviews and are trying to output a good amount of lists posts to go alongside them. They always bring a bunch of new people into our fold, which is fun.

Ok, so before I get into highlighting some of our best content last month as well as an overview of our operation, let me quickly address a couple of different updates that I wanted to pick your brain about.

While I have always been reluctant to serve ads on IdeaMensch, we recently joined the pretty exclusive Carbon Ads network. I believe that the ad serving experience is not only relevant but also fairly non-intrusive. Plus, our traffic numbers have grown to a point where it makes sense to at least monetize it a bit. Please let me know if you find it to be a distracting experience.

Second, we have been talking a bit about possibly launching a Patreon for IdeaMensch. Most months we operate at break-even and this would not only allow covering our costs but to invest into building a bit more of a community with our more engaged users. We have tried to do this before but never charged anything for it which is why we just didn’t invest into it.

We set-up a Patreon page, mostly to just force us to go through this exercise and put some bones around the idea. We’d still have to do a video and all that stuff, but that’s easy. Well, maybe not easy but you know what I mean.

Take a look.


I have two questions:

1. Is this something you’d be interested in participating in and supporting? It would be a labor of love for us.

2. Beyond community, networking, discounts and exclusive content – are there other “perks” that we should try to build this around?

I’d love your thoughts. Email me at mario at ideamensch dot com. And of course, if you want to support, we’d love it and would build accordingly.

Ok, on to the business recap side of things. Here is what has happened from a business perspective in July.

July 2018 In Numbers

  • 👩‍💻 76,028 readers
  • 📧 9,140 email subs
  • đź’¬ 79 interviews
  • đź“° 1 list post
  • đź’°$1,621 in revenues

What other types of information would you like to see? This was kind of fun to pull together.

Favorite Content

From a content perspective, here is some of our best stuff you might have missed.

And here are some of our favorite learnings from our interviews.

  • Veronica Kirin is Entrepreneur Coach to LGBTQ Women who wish to scale their businesses so they work less, grow faster, and earn more. Her work as a coach is certified by the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce.
    • Our favorite quote: “I love entrepreneurship. I think it’s really good for the world. Successful entrepreneurs must be willing to pivot at a moment’s notice, which brings a level of humility to their work. It is also important to continually question what one is doing, as well as oneself. I believe that entrepreneurship is a path to self-actualization because one must be so open and honest, especially if they are hiring employees.”
  • Melina Ex is Co-Founder of Carby Box, the first carbon offsets to be sold on Amazon. Carby Box offsets the average American carbon footprint 1, 6 or 12 months at a time, in 1-click.
    • Our favorite quote: “I believe massive climate action will only be achieved by making it convenient, effortless and available to all. With Carby Box, everyone in America (and soon Europe) is empowered to take measurable action against climate change in one click. Carby Box is now the world’s first way to fight climate change via voice command: “Alexa, order carbon neutral”.
  • Davis Lin is is a Client Acquisition Strategist, and the founder of Client Acquisition Lab which specializes in helping coaches, consultants, and experts upgrade and systemize their client acquisition process, so they can get more highly targeted leads and clients without having to sacrifice more time.
    • Our favorite quote: “I always set specific short-term business goals and then map out the exact steps I have to take to achieve my goals. And with each step, I would put a deadline on it. This way, I will know exactly what I have to be doing each and every day to achieve my end goal.”
  • Antonio Altamirano is the CEO of Tangelo Technologies, a company that empowers entrepreneurs by turning their ideas into tangible products. Tangelo has evolved to be living proof of the economic value that access to opportunities and a diverse workforce and inclusive culture brings to a business.
    • Our favorite quote: “Research is a key component in validating a product-market fit. It’s also a key supportive background when sharing the “why” with team members. Discussion sessions within the team, as well as bringing in partners, as needed, help to not only bring an idea to life but more importantly, drive a well-needed solution to end recipients.”
  • Ada Chen Rekhi is founder & COO at Notejoy, a collaborative notes app for your entire team. Notejoy brings a fast and focused workspace for businesses and individuals to get on the same page and leverage team knowledge.
    • Our favorite quote: “If you are an early-stage founder, you should not be delegating tasks that you haven’t mastered yourself. In startups, sweat all the details because the details matter. I’ve been in teams big and small, and while delegation is a key skill for scaling organizations it’s a poor strategy for founders to delegate tasks that they don’t understand. You lose so much of the detail by handing it off.”
  • Chris Rawley is an entrepreneur who wants to connect people to the world’s food system by making it easier to invest in production agriculture. Chris is the founder and CEO of Harvest Returns, an online platform for investing in agriculture.
    • Our favorite quote: “The introduction of technology in agriculture is changing the way farmers around the world grow food. Technology mitigates the risk of investing in agriculture by reducing the threats associated with weather, disease, and insects, while increasing yields and profitability.”
  • Amanda O’Brien is the Founder of Jean Franklin, a completely women-run fashion business. Jean Franklin aims to help further important causes — through paying fair wages, getting involved in helping the homeless population and creating educational opportunities for women in the LA area.
    • Our favorite quote: “Inspiration for me is everywhere, but making an idea a reality requires a lot of hard work, planning, and having people you trust around you that offer expertise in areas you don’t have.”
  • Peter Hyman is the CEO of Moonshot Ventures He started Moonshot Ventures as a way to fund, incubate and launch specialized e-commerce businesses.
    • Our favorite quote: “Make a concerted effort to let go of perfection. My partners have been instrumental in helping with this. I am often trapped by small details. But as an entrepreneur you have to accept that nothing is ever completely done and that sometimes 80% is all something will be. Good enough is sometimes all you can do. From there you have to execute, test it and learn. Our process of bringing ideas to life is to be less precious and less perfect.”
And last but not least, consider some of these product recommendations to improve your productivity:
  • Nydia Zhang loves Be Focused app, a time management app that allows you to create tasks, configure breaks and track your progress.
  • Peter Hyman recommends an SEO keyword research service called Long Tail Pro to keep abreast of key search terms, trends and product movements within the industry, and to organically fine tune SEO.
  • Robert Schmid uses Full Contact to scan and automatically add contact information from business cards into his address book.
  • Graeme Holm relies on My Prosperity to manage his clients’ financial performance and to track and monitor his own ongoing financial position in detail.
  • Ryan Vestby uses Veryfi to scan all my receipts as they get created and keep the accountants off his back.
  • Agnes Muljadi is obsessed with Fohr and uses it daily to analyze her audience and engagement trends.