Chris Kramer – Founding Partner of House of Kaizen

Chris Kramer - Founding Partner of House of Kaizen

Always hire the best people you can find, both within your company and outside it. Trust your lawyers, accountants, and advisors, and don’t try to do everything yourself. Chris Kramer is a founding partner at House of Kaizen, a leading end-to-end digital performance advertising agency based in New York City, London, and Lagos, Nigeria. Chris […]

Elliot Tomaeno – Founder of Astrsk

Elliot Tomaeno - Founder of Astrsk

Connect with as many people as you can in an authentic way. Listen and become genuinely interested in those around you — whether you’re in a board meeting or at the grocery store. Elliot Tomaeno, founder of Astrsk, understands the intersection between tech and PR. As one of Business Insider’s “50 Best Public Relations People […]

Matt Cronin – Head of Social Media for House of Kaizen

Matt Cronin - Head of Social Media for House of Kaizen

So rather than looking for little time-savers, I’m really trying to focus on applying myself where I can contribute in a way that others generally can’t. Matt Cronin, Head of Social Media for House of Kaizen, is a pioneer in digital performance marketing and brand management, having joined the movement more than 15 years ago. […]

Campbell Macdonald – Founder and CEO of Pathful

I would start my own venture sooner, spend more time coding, and ship products faster. Campbell Macdonald is the founder and CEO of Pathful, which uses visual and action-oriented insights to help users understand what content is hurting or helping their sales. Prior to Pathful, Campbell led digital marketing programs for major brands such as […]

Rahul Alim – Founder of Custom Creatives

Stay focused. We all have hopes and dreams, those will come true but you have to remain focused on your goals. Rahul Alim is a successful entrepreneur with practical sales and marketing expertise. He founded Success Marketing Solutions, Inc. (SMS) in 2004 and Custom Creatives in 2006 to provide top quality Graphic Design, Web Design, […]

Anca Dumitru – Freelance Writer and Content Strategist

It’s fascinating how much you can learn and understand about yourself, your own shortcomings, if you pay attention to your thoughts and if you want to become a better version of yourself. Anca Dumitru is a freelance writer and content strategist. She specializes in helping midsize businesses boost their lead flow and revenue by writing their […]