Scott Yates – CEO of BlogMutt

Scott Yates - CEO of BlogMutt

Spend more time listening to customers and less time listening to venture capitalists (with apologies to my VC friends). Scott Yates is CEO of BlogMutt, the leading professional blog writing service for businesses and agencies. Scott, along with co-founder Wade Green, built the site for two reasons. One: to make it easier, faster, and more […]

Sundeep Sanghavi – Co-founder of Data RPM


My typical day revolves around the five F’s: family, fun, faculty, finances, and fitness. These are the things that determine your ongoing personal and professional health. Sundeep Sanghavi is a highly accomplished data technologist, innovator, and entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience using data to perform advanced analytics. Drawing from this expertise, Sundeep co-founded […]

Derek Hales – Founder and Author of Sleepopolis

Derek Hales - Founder and Author of Sleepopolis

I’m a big believer in simply getting started. Whatever I am working on, whether it’s a new blog post, video, review, or a testing philosophy, I just try to get started as quickly as possible. Derek Hales is a digital marketing professional, WordPress enthusiast, content creation aficionado, and lover all things digital. Derek is the […]

Jordon Wallace Schultz – CEO of JWS Publishing


I recommend everyone start every day thinking about the things you want to accomplish, and actually visualize yourself doing those things! Jordon Wallace Schultz is an Internet marketing executive and CEO of JWS Publishing Inc., an advertising solution for apps and mobile sites. Jordon Wallace Schultz is originally from Buffalo, New York, and attended Rochester […]

Tony Rindsberg – Co-founder and CMO of SOCi


Being agile has been the most important factor in growing our business. We’ve come across several opportunities that were “a sure thing” and would have catapulted our business revenue. Jumping at these opportunities is important for a startup because you never know which will materialize into a great account, partner, or potential acquirer. With more […]

Cassie Petrey – Co-founder of Crowd Surf

Cassie Petrey - Co-founder of Crowd Surf

Our strategy for growing Crowd Surf is simple: If you do a good job, people will hear about it. Having a good and constantly improving product is the easiest way to grow your business. Cassie Petrey is co-founder of Crowd Surf, a digital marketing company that provides catered and specialized marketing services to a roster […]