James Wong – Chief Energizing Officer of Verge Collective


I spend the mornings on creative, afternoons on management and evenings on business development. James Wong has developed Branding and Marketing Strategies for corporate clients like the Past VP of Product Marketing at Facebook, the CEO of Panda Express, the Past CEO of Giorgio Beverly Hills and Fredrick’s of Hollywood, Keller Williams International, and about […]

Deren Baker – CEO of Jumpshot

Deren Baker - CEO of Jumpshot

We listen to our customers and then build. Then, we listen and build again. Deren Baker is the CEO of Jumpshot, a well-funded, fast-paced, hardworking, and fun marketing analytics company. Through its marketing analytics product suite, Jumpshot offers businesses the most detailed and accurate view of their customers’ online lives: what they search for, what […]

Lee Trotman – Digital Marketing and E-commerce Expert

Lee Trotman - Digital Marketing and E-commerce Expert

Lee Trotman is a digital marketing and E-commerce expert, with years of experience working with Fortune 100 companies and medium-sized manufacturers alike. His range of expertise varies from tobacco, food, beverage, utilities, nutritional supplements, and the automotive industry, in addition to musical instruments manufacturers. Working closely with digital creative groups as the webmaster for several […]