Course Topics

Week 1: Consumer behavior in 2015

How are you shopping in 2015? How are you consuming entertainment? What about the news? And how do these consumer behaviors impact today’s marketing?

Week 2: The past and future of media

Learn about the history of media. What is the business model supporting media and how will it change based on changing consumer habits?

Week 3: The 4Ps and why they’re more important than ever

Product, Place, Price and Promotion are traditionally referred to as the four Ps of marketing. However, when many people think of marketing, they just think of the promotional p. This line of thinking is now more wrong than ever.

Week 4: Lifetime value and customer acquisition cost

Determining lifetime value and customer acquisition cost are the two most important metrics of modern marketing. Learn how to estimate and build campaigns around them.

Week 5: Growth Hacking – an iterative approach to online marketing

Marketing is a lot more like running a tech startup than anything else. Learn about the need for shorter planning cycles and iterative execution in marketing.

Week 6: Marketing Strategies – How to gain traction on the Internet

OK, so how do you actually generate interest for a product or services? This week offers an overview of the various marketing strategies available to the contemporary online marketer.

Week 7: Search Engine Marketing

A deep dive into search engine marketing – both pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization.

Week 8: Content – Words, visuals and video

Nowadays anyone can build an audience via the creation of content. If my neighbor can start a YouTube channel and wield larger audiences than all newspapers in the state of Montana combined, what are the implications for marketing?

Week 9: Social media. Now and next.

What role does social media play in marketing? Hint, it’s not “just” promotion.

Week 10: A crash course on Google Analytics

Google Analytics isn’t the only Web analytics provider, but it’s the most widely used one and it’s free.

Week 11: User experience design and gamification

You’ll learn how build digital experiences that entice people to interact with your brand and ultimately convert by taking the actions you want them to take.

Week 12: Mobile apps. Will the Internet go away?

If more and more of your time is spent in apps, then what happens to the Internet as we know it?

Week 13: Branding

If it’s not with expensive television commercials and print ads, how do you build and manage a brand in 2015?

Week 14: How to build a business in the future?

A lot of the concepts you will learn in this course can be applied to both existing and new businesses. But what if you build the perfect business that fully leveraged today’s revolutionized media habits, consumer behaviors and the technologies driving it? Let’s think about how to build that business.