Justin Evans – Co-founder of LANDR.com

Justin Evans - Co-founder of LANDR.com

Read books that are about other things than business that really challenge your perceptions. Eat great food regularly with brilliant people, and try and find new ones to eat with all the time. Justin Evans is the co-founder and product vision behind LANDR.com. He brings over fifteen years of experience building exceptional digital products. Justin […]

Jesse Kirshbaum – CEO of Nue Agency

Jesse Kirshbaum - Co-founder of SoundCTRL

Vision, homework, hustle, sales, collaboration, and execution. Then, analyzing, testing, reevaluating, and ideally building it bigger if it works and starts gaining momentum. For more than a decade, Jesse Kirshbaum has been at the forefront of the music business, specializing in securing talent for concerts, tours, and endorsement deals for his clients and brand partners […]

Jordan Passman – Founder of scoreAscore.com

Making new friends and keeping the old. Don’t just work with people, work with people you can call friends, it’s way more fun and rewarding for everybody. Jordan Passman, one of FORBES’ 2014 30 under 30 Music entrepreneurs, founded scoreAscore.com in May 2010. A Los Angeles native, he still runs the company from LA. scoreAscore’s […]