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Media companies are struggling. Journalists are stretched thinner than ever, so getting your clients quality coverage can be arduous. On the flip side, questionable new media properties can often do more harm than good. Pay-to-play opportunities are on the rise, usually intending to get access to your clients to sell them and upsell them.

IdeaMensch provides a platform for high-quality publicity without the long hours of pitching, following up, and hoping for fair coverage. We have been around for over 15 years and were featured on Mashable and VentureBeat‘s home pages.

We never ask to be in contact with your clients. That relationship is yours. We only charge for the time it takes us to prepare, publish and promote your clients’ interviews. We will donate our time if you work pro bono for an entrepreneur or nonprofit leader.

Our PR interviews go live the next business day after submission and then get promoted by our social media team.

We don’t sell ads or data nor have Google Analytics installed on our site. However, if you want an idea of our reach, here is a screenshot of past traffic numbers. In addition, IdeaMensch is syndicated on Flipboard, where each interview gets in front of over 34,000 subscribers.

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