Narcisse Dargenson – Founder of ND Publishing Company

Narcisse Dargenson is a leading force in the financial industry and a passionate enthusiast and lecturer on business and financial literacy. He has counseled numerous individuals over the years on issues such as financial preparedness for college students. He has worked to make sure college students make smart financial decisions in terms of financial aid, […]

Joe Barton – Founder of Barton Publishing

[quote style=”boxed”]One thing we do over and over is split test our marketing offers. We never know for sure what our visitors will respond to the most, though we have educated guesses. Often, our guesses are wrong.[/quote] Joe Barton is the founder of Barton Publishing and other websites that promote natural health by teaching people […]

Colleen McCarty – Co-Owner of Expert Message Group

[quote style=”boxed”]Branding is the first step you take towards gaining trust and confidence from your customers. Raise the extra money or use your own money if you have to, and develop a professional brand.[/quote] “The conceptualizer” is a curious title, that’s for sure. But what does it mean? At the heart of the word “conceptualizer” […]

Jonathan Harris – Founder of Cowbird

[quote] Spend time alone in nature. If your ideas still seem worthwhile in the presence of natural solitude, then they are probably worth pursuing. [/quote] Jonathan Harris makes projects that re-imagine how humans relate to technology and to each other. Combining elements of computer science, anthropology, visual art and storytelling, his projects range from building the world’s […]

Paul Carr – Writer, Columnist and Founder of Not Safe For Work Corporation

[quote style=”boxed”]Start fights with people who are wrong. Bullshit should be called out. You can’t be nice to everyone.[/quote] Paul Carr is a writer, columnist and the Founder of Not Safe For Work Corporation. In his new book – The Upgrade: The Cautionary Tale of a Life Without Reservations – is the story of how […]

Nicolas Gremion – Founder and CEO of Paradise Publishers

[quote style=”boxed”]I would take a breather once in a while. I’d do a look-around-and-smell-the-roses kind of thing. While I’m trying to improve in this area, I’m usually so focused on pushing forward that I often underappreciate what we’ve done, which from a managerial standpoint shouldn’t be overlooked.[/quote] Nicolas Gremion is the founder and CEO of Paradise […]

Jesse Potash – Founder of PUBSLUSH Press

Jesse Potash is the founder of PUBSLUSH Press, a social, full-service publisher that lets readers decide which books get published. For every book sold, PUBSLUSH Press donates a book to a child in need. Jesse’s background is in financial services, but he also has experience in publishing, fashion and advertising. Jesse serves on the PUBSLUSH Foundation’s […]

Five Questions with Qwantu Amaru

My name is Qwantu Amaru. I am the debut author of One Blood a supernatural thriller about a voodoo curse tormenting a group of people unaware of their hidden connections. I am also a managing partner with The Pantheon Collective, and independent publishing venture dedicated to empowering and inspiring writers to take control of their […]

Reinier Evers – Founder of Trendwatching and Springwise

[quote style=”boxed”]We basically give all business ideas away as it is! But I think there’s a great opp to start a truly personalized online travel guide company.[/quote] Forty-one year old Reinier Evers is an accomplished trend watcher, entrepreneur and presenter. He holds a Master’s degree in Economics from the University of Amsterdam and has been […]