Charles Gaudet – Author and Publisher of Predictable Profits

[quote style=”boxed”]Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. People who have ‘been there, done that’ and are willing to share the strategies and ideas that helped them grow successful businesses.[/quote] Known as “The Entrepreneur’s Marketing Champion,” Charles E. Gaudet II offers more than just business and marketing advice – he helps entrepreneurs push […]

Hellen Barbara – Founder and President of Pubslush

[quote style=”boxed”]My workspace is an open room. My team members are together, actively communicating out loud. Brainstorming and open conversations are encouraged. In my opinion, this approach fosters the most productive environment. The art of multitasking: Get good at it or die.[/quote] Hellen Barbara is the founder and president of Pubslush, a global crowdfunding and […]

Emily Belden – Founder and CEO of Happy Happy Gay Gay

[quote style=”boxed”]I stay excited about tomorrow. I literally go to bed excited to wake up the next day knowing that it hold limitless opportunities. You never know what email will come through your inbox that makes that day special for the rest of your life. It’s that outlook that keeps you motivated to push harder […]

Karan Chopra – Founder and CEO of G2One Network

[quote style=”boxed”] A good businessman is one who knows the importance of every second he or she spends.[/quote] Before coming up with his big business plan, Karan has been involved with the number of companies as a freelancer for 7+ years. At G2One Network, Karan primarily focuses on business development and marketing, while also overseeing the […]

Kelly Mistry – Founder of MyFairyTaleBooks

[quote style=”boxed”]Lean In by Sheryl Sanders is a thought-provoking book that every woman in business should read then pass to their husband, partner, and boss.[/quote] Kelly Mistry is the owner and founder of MyFairyTaleBooks – a personalized children’s gift company. Launched in 2009, the business began as a reseller for licensed, personalized books, CDs and DVDs […]

Robin Jay – Award-winning Author and Filmmaker

[quote style=”boxed”]I bring my ideas to life on paper, to begin with. I write down everything. While I’m doing that, I can see exactly how the project will progress.[/quote] Robin Jay is an award-winning author and filmmaker, speaker, and publisher. She is not just “The Queen of the Business Lunch™,” but is a Business Relationship […]