Mike Russell – Co-Founder and CEO of Paintzen

I recommend running a list of ideas at any given point of time – general entrepreneurial ideas that pop up in my head. I keep it current, check it often and take out the ideas that no longer interest me. Mike Russell is the co-founder & CEO of Paintzen, a revolutionary painting service that makes […]

Michael Scharf – CEO of MyClean

 Execute!  We have a saying in our office: “less meetings, more doing.” Michael Scharf,  MyClean‘s CEO, started the company in 2009 when he realized the need for a convenient online service to book home cleaning for him and his friends.  Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he worked in investment banking at Banc of America Securities.  […]

Phil Pustejovsky – Founder of Freedom Mentor

I constantly feed my mind with good, powerful and positive influences. Go to church every Sunday. Watch based-on-true-story inspirational movies. I read tons of books on successful people. It’s a negative world out there and entrepreneurs are bombarded with negativity. You have to put on your mental hard helmet to protect yourself. Phil Pustejovsky is […]

Andrew Flachner and Michael Parikh – Founders of RealScout

[quote style=”boxed”]While peers and prospective customers may applaud your idea, the actual measure of its value becomes evident when you ask for a credit card.[/quote] Andrew is a serial entrepreneur with a background in real estate and early stage technology companies. He’s Co-founder and CEO of RealScout, a platform that powers relationships between real estate […]

Eric Graham and Kevin Loos – Founders of CrowdComfort

[quote style=”boxed”]We end every meeting with a hard ask. This can be anything from asking them to introduce us to another investor, setting up a second meeting, or a commitment to try our product. [/quote] Eric Graham is a clean energy entrepreneur who is committed to spreading energy efficiency and renewable energy systems. Eric has […]

Fabian Dudek – Founder of Nestpick

[quote style=”boxed”]Do not make decisions about things you do not understand. If they are essential to the business, get someone in the business who covers that area.[/quote] Fabian Dudek, is the founder of Nestpick, a student housing platform that allows students to rent places from various accommodation providers online. He is responsible for the business strategy, […]

Elizabeth Dodson – Co-founder of HomeZada

[quote style=”boxed”]I didn’t engage a group of people in a seed round because I didn’t think they were interested. Never assume until you actually ask — and ask more.[/quote] Elizabeth Dodson is the co-founder of HomeZada, a cloud-based home improvement and organizational software tool. HomeZada strives to educate and provide resources for homeowners in all […]

Joe Carter – CEO of Snyder Environmental

[quote style=”boxed”]Identifying the right thing that everyone else says can’t be done. Then apply enough energy and resources to make it so.[/quote] Joe Carter is CEO of Snyder Environmental, Inc., an environmental remediation company based in North Little Rock, Ark. Snyder Environmental provides the safe and compliant remediation of environmental issues, including asbestos abatement and […]

Michael Pistilli – Property Director of Pistilli Realty Group

[quote style=”boxed”]Never over-leverage yourself on a project[/quote] Michael Pistilli is the property director for Pistilli Realty Group, a family-owned business. Pistilli Realty Group has both residential and commercial rentals in the New York City area; the company develops properties with the intention of turning them into affordable rental spaces in desirable locations. Pistilli Realty Group […]

Fraser Patterson – Founder and CEO of Bolster

[quote style=”boxed”]I have actually started over several times and each time I’ve done something differently and the truth is, I honestly can’t tell you if it has ever been better or worse – it’s just been different.[/quote] Fraser Patterson is the founder and CEO of Bolster and is responsible for the overall direction and product […]