Elizabeth Dodson – Co-founder of HomeZada

[quote style=”boxed”]I didn’t engage a group of people in a seed round because I didn’t think they were interested. Never assume until you actually ask — and ask more.[/quote] Elizabeth Dodson is the co-founder of HomeZada, a cloud-based home improvement and organizational software tool. HomeZada strives to educate and provide resources for homeowners in all […]

Joe Carter – CEO of Snyder Environmental

[quote style=”boxed”]Identifying the right thing that everyone else says can’t be done. Then apply enough energy and resources to make it so.[/quote] Joe Carter is CEO of Snyder Environmental, Inc., an environmental remediation company based in North Little Rock, Ark. Snyder Environmental provides the safe and compliant remediation of environmental issues, including asbestos abatement and […]

Michael Pistilli – Property Director of Pistilli Realty Group

[quote style=”boxed”]Never over-leverage yourself on a project[/quote] Michael Pistilli is the property director for Pistilli Realty Group, a family-owned business. Pistilli Realty Group has both residential and commercial rentals in the New York City area; the company develops properties with the intention of turning them into affordable rental spaces in desirable locations. Pistilli Realty Group […]

Fraser Patterson – Founder and CEO of Bolster

[quote style=”boxed”]I have actually started over several times and each time I’ve done something differently and the truth is, I honestly can’t tell you if it has ever been better or worse – it’s just been different.[/quote] Fraser Patterson is the founder and CEO of Bolster and is responsible for the overall direction and product […]

Ha Phan – Product Design Vision at Porch.com

[quote style=”boxed”] Design is about solving problems, so ideas have to come from listening to users and observing the world around you.[/quote] Ha leads the Product Design vision at Porch.com. An award-winning designer whose work has won Webbys, Ha is responsible for making the Porch.com experience beautiful, simple, and engaging. Ha’s goal for Porch.com is to […]

Ronnie Castro – Co-founder of Porch

[quote style=”boxed”]Before you start thinking about growing a business, you have to find out what purpose it is serving. [/quote] Ronnie leads online consumer acquisition as a co-founder of Porch – the only consumer and social Internet marketplace that connects homeowners with the right home service professionals based on insights into who neighbors have used, project and cost history, and friend endorsements. […]

Mayer Dahan – CEO and Co-Founder of Prime Five Homes

[quote style=”boxed”]I’m productive because of my love for fitness. I love eating healthy, working out, and being outdoors. This active lifestyle keeps me sharp and healthy. Having a boss that never misses a day of work or comes in with high energy is great for a work environment.[/quote] Mayer Dahan is an entrepreneur and philanthropist […]

Matt Ehrlichman – Co-founder and CEO of Porch

[quote style=”boxed”]”Competition, confidence, trust, and focus push me to new heights daily.”[/quote] Matt is the co-founder and CEO of Porch, the only consumer and social Internet marketplace that connects homeowners with the right home service professionals based on insights into who neighbors have used, project and cost history, and friend endorsements. Matt raised a $6.25M […]

Richard Myers – Founder and CEO of Realty Capital

[quote style=”boxed”]”Not everyone is meant to be an entrepreneur, but if you’re built to be one, nothing else will really work for you.”[/quote] Richard Myers founded Realty Capital in 1987 to acquire, develop, and manage investment-grade commercial and residential real estate projects. In 2011, Realty Capital became an employee-owned firm, Realty Capital Management (RCM), which […]