Here are some products and services that we know, use, love and trust here at IdeaMensch. We don’t have an official seal of approval, but if we did, we’d stamp the heck out of these companies and services. The reason this list isn’t 5 pages long, and 100 categories deep is because we actually have to use and love the products and services we recommend. If you’re bringing an idea to life, these products should be able to help you in a big way.

Note: Some of these products and services below are affiliate links, which means if you purchase them, IdeaMensch will receive a commission. It helps cover some of our operating expenses, so I am grateful for your support. And please know that every product you see on this list, I personally recommend.


Our #1: Rainmaker

We recently switched over to the rainmaker platform. It. Is. Incredible. It’s also much more than just hosting. Rainmaker has become a complete digital marketing and sales solution for Ideamensch. It’s more expensive than typical hosting, but it also provides much more value. But we have good news! They’re offering a 14-day free trial for you.

Try Rainmaker For Free

Our other Hosting Recommendations


If you’re just starting out, Bluehost is a great option! The price is good and the functionality and reliability is high.

Try Bluehost


Although a bit more expensive, WPEngine provides a great hosting experience with awesome customer service.

Try WPEngine


Our #1: StudioPress

We’ve been using StudioPress themes for quite a while. Our current theme is DigitalPro, and we absolutely love it. StudioPress themes offer simplicity paired with functionality. Choosing a quality theme for your website is one of the highest ROI decisions you can make. We’ve wasted countless hours trying to make a less-than-ideal theme “work” for IdeaMensch. Paying a little extra for a StudioPress themes has been one of our best decisions yet.

Check out StudioPress

Our Other Theme Recommendations


One of the powerful theme integration systems available. Squarespace is great for building beautiful e-commerce websites. Their customer service is also very quick and efficient.

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Codestag is a smaller company that offers great themes at a very affordable price. They also offer one-on-one personalized support when needed. Simple and effective themes.

Check out Codestag

Email Marketing

Our #1: ConvertKit

We’ve recently switched our email marketing to ConvertKit, and we couldn’t be more pleased. This platform is amazing. The simplicity of email creation is incredible. Everything is built to be intuitive. We’re excited to continue growing more familiar with the platform, and will keep you updated on our experiences.

Try ConvertKit

Our Other Email Recommendations


We used mailchimp for quite a while. The platform is great for new businesses, but the functionality was lacking as our email list grew.

Try Mailchimp Free is a great platform for email creation. Their Google Chrome plugin makes creating a newsletter rediculously simple.

Check out