At IdeaMensch we made the decision to not serve ads. We want our entrepreneurs to be proud of their interviews and it felt like obtrusive ads would be rather annoying.  Instead, we give our interviewees the option to become a premium supporter.  This financial contribution is our primary source of…

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Roger Hardy

Roger Hardy

  Momentum – I get excited and create a vision for it. Then, I get others onboard and make it happen. As a leader, I am only the catalyst to the team that delivers great results. Roger Hardy is the current CEO and Chairman of Hardy Capital. A serial entrepreneur,…

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Veronica Grey – Female Surf Icon

Veronica Grey - Female Surf Icon

[quote style=”boxed”]I like to model myself after Forrest Gump. I don’t think too much and just allow things to happen, with grace and ease.[/quote] Public figure and female surf icon The Surf Lady Veronica Grey tirelessly devotes her life to cleaning the ocean and saving lives by preventing shark attacks…

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