After our promo last week with the folks over at AppSumo, I received a lot of positive feedback from you guys that you liked us doing that. I guess people like free stuff.

So, here is more free stuff – another bundle of awesome ebooks – this time from the folks over at Smashing Magazine.

Here are the books:

Smashing eBook #1: Professional Web Design

This eBook presents guidelines for professional Web development, including communicating with clients, creating a road map to a successful portfolio, rules for professional networking and tips on designing user interfaces for business Web applications. The book shares expert advice, and it also helps you learn how to respond effectively to design criticism, use storytelling for a better user experience and apply color theory to your professional designs.

Smashing eBook #2: Successful Freelancing

Being a great Web designer or developer is one thing — running a successful freelance business another. Whether you already have work experience in companies or have just graduated from design school, being self-employed entails a number of tasks that you most likely haven’t had to deal with so far. As a freelance Web designer, you also have to be a project manager, office administrator, accountant, controller and IT expert.The eBook is a summary, a “best of” compilation of articles about professional freelancing that have been published on Smashing Magazine and Noupe in 2009 and 2010. We re-arranged everything, corrected it carefully, added beautiful illustrations and — where necessary — updated the content. Many screenshots and links were removed to make the book easier to read and print.

Smashing eBook #3: Mastering Photoshop

Mastering Photoshop is written for advanced and intermediate designers who want to brush up on their workflow and improve their Photoshop skills. The eBook contains 178 pages, explaining fundamental techniques that Web designers need to know to produce high-quality work in Photoshop. You won’t find any generic step-by-step tutorials or learn random effects. You will gain a profound understanding of what you can do with Photoshop and how to use it effectively in your work.

Smashing eBook #7: Professional Web Design, Volume 2

This eBook is the second part of the best selling Smashing eBook #1. It contains 20 articles that cover current Web Design Trends, Responsive Web Design, User Experience Design, HTML5, Usability and Prototyping. This eBook describes existing and upcoming trends and explains how the Web design might evolve in the coming months and years. It also touches on what Web designers should be ready for to keep abreast of new challenges and opportunities.

Smashing eBook #4: Mobile Design

This eBook presents articles on professional mobile design for the iPhone and iPad, including studies of trends in mobile design and guidelines for the development of mobile web pages. These articles are mostly a selection of the best from Smashing Magazine in 2009 and 2010 dealing with mobile design for the iPhone and iPad plus an exclusive 90-page study about mobile web design trends.

Here comes the kicker, again.

Thanks to AppSumo, we’re able to giveaway ten copies of this bundle to our lucky readers.  We have 10 copies of the bundle to give away. And all you need to do to try and get a free bundle, is tweet this:

[box]Win a copy of the Smashing Magazine ebook bundle on @IdeaMensch via @AppSumo.[/box]

We will search Twitter for tweets and retweets and randomly pick up the winners.

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Winners will be contacted via Twitter in the next couple of days.