Ryan Paugh – Founder of CommunityCo

As an entrepreneur, failure is an inevitability. It’s also a beautiful opportunity. My biggest defeat as an entrepreneur is the irreplaceable years that I spent letting failures have their way with me instead of using them as a springboard to move onto future successes. Ryan Paugh has been at the forefront of building highly curated, […]

Matt Cronin – Head of Social Media for House of Kaizen

Matt Cronin - Head of Social Media for House of Kaizen

So rather than looking for little time-savers, I’m really trying to focus on applying myself where I can contribute in a way that others generally can’t. Matt Cronin, Head of Social Media for House of Kaizen, is a pioneer in digital performance marketing and brand management, having joined the movement more than 15 years ago. […]

Nick Graham – Founder of Bucket Buddies

Prioritising constantly is essential. Visibility of choices leads to focus. Then you can answer the question: am I being effective as possible? Lashings of rain, whisky and entrepreneurship have been fundamental to Nick from the day he was born in a remote cowshed on the side of a rugged Scottish mountain. His parents pioneered the […]