Phoebe Scott – CEO and Founder of Laudville

[quote style=”boxed”]It is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to succeed without the help of those who succeeded before you.[/quote] Phoebe B. Scott is a creative entrepreneur with an uncommonly diverse background. Originally from suburban Chicago, she has lived in London, Stockholm, and Shanghai and now calls Southern California home. Her formal education includes a JD […]

Lisa McTigue – Co-Founder of Social Calendar

[quote style=”boxed”]Just keep going. You’ll have naysayers. You’ll want to bash your head into the wall. You’ll want to quit, but if you believe then you must keep going.[/quote] Lisa McTigue, eHow expert, social media marketing consultant, author, and innovator. A true geek for the application of technology and social media in new and traditional […]

Frank Speiser – Co-founder of SocialFlow

[quote style=”boxed”]First, it starts up with the philosophy of what should happen, then I find ways to make it happen. I think being good at breaking rules helps bring ideas to life.[/quote] Frank Speiser is the co-founder of SocialFlow a social media marketing platform and the leading social media optimization solution and data suite formulated […]

Mark Hodges – CEO of Brook

[quote style=”boxed”]I recommend that you make everything you do trackable.[/quote] Mark Hodges is the CEO of Brook, a social media tool that emails customers daily with the top five tweets from the Twitter users they select. It’s designed to cut through the clutter while making sure users don’t miss out on important updates from friends, […]