Wesley P. Belden – Founder and CEO of Waffle

[quote style=”boxed”]Set small milestones and every time you hit one, pick your head up and see if you need to adjust course to reach your long-term goals.[/quote] WAFFLE, pulls all your social networks into one feed so you can always stay-up-to-date with your social news. With Waffle’s social media management dashboard, you are able to […]

Saul Fleischman – Founder of RiteTag

[quote style=”boxed”]I launch them in IdeasWatch, team-build in the Startup Bootstrappers G+ Community, and get people talking. If people want to keep things at texting level, I drop them; I firmly believe that if people really want to partner with you, they’ll find a way to talk with you.[/quote] Founder of emerging social media tool sites. […]

Phoebe Scott – CEO and Founder of Laudville

[quote style=”boxed”]It is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to succeed without the help of those who succeeded before you.[/quote] Phoebe B. Scott is a creative entrepreneur with an uncommonly diverse background. Originally from suburban Chicago, she has lived in London, Stockholm, and Shanghai and now calls Southern California home. Her formal education includes a JD […]

Lisa McTigue – Co-Founder of Social Calendar

[quote style=”boxed”]Just keep going. You’ll have naysayers. You’ll want to bash your head into the wall. You’ll want to quit, but if you believe then you must keep going.[/quote] Lisa McTigue, eHow expert, social media marketing consultant, author, and innovator. A true geek for the application of technology and social media in new and traditional […]

Frank Speiser – Co-founder of SocialFlow

[quote style=”boxed”]First, it starts up with the philosophy of what should happen, then I find ways to make it happen. I think being good at breaking rules helps bring ideas to life.[/quote] Frank Speiser is the co-founder of SocialFlow a social media marketing platform and the leading social media optimization solution and data suite formulated […]